New combat drama series SIX follows adventures of Navy SEAL Team

Wil the team save him before he is executed?
SIX follows Navy SEAL TEAM SIX as they carry out missions and deal with their life back home

SIX is a new action drama from History that follows a Navy SEAL Team in Afghanistan and beyond.

SEAL team Six undertake a mission to kill a Taliban leader in Afghanistan, but things to not go to plan when it becomes apparent that an American citizen is working with the enemy.

Captured by Islamic terrorists
Captured by Islamic terrorists

The first episode sees Team leader Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart, played by Walton Goggins, make a poor decision during a mission and then skips to two years later where he has been captured by Nigerian Islamic extremist group Boko Haram.

Going in
Going in to try and save their former Team leader

It is up to his troopers from SEAL Team Six to put aside old differences and bring their former leader home.

The first season runs to eight episodes and the stories are inspired by real missions.

Wil the team save him before he is executed?
Wil the team save him before he is executed?

SIX also stars Nondumiso Temb from true Blood, Donny Boaz from The Great Debaters, Dominic Adams from Devious Maids, Edwin Hodge form Chicago Fire, Jaylen Moore from Homeland and Nadine Velazquez from Flight.

Watch SIX on Wedensdays at 10/9c on History.

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