Christine Billis killed her husband in staged car crash then confessed to man she met on OK Cupid

Charlie and Chrissy Billis sitting together in TV show footage from American Monster
Charles and his killer wife Christine in one of their appearances on camera, shown on American Monster

This episode of Investigation Discovery’s American Monster features  footage of killer Christine Billis on TV alongside the husband she left dead in a staged car crash.

Billis intentionally drove the couple’s car into a tree but while she was belted up and suffered only minor injuries, her husband Charles, 57, was unbelted and died at the scene.

American Monster episode, titled The Last Broadcast, looks at how the tapes from a public-access TV show the couple were involved in show a “sinister tale” behind what happened.

It was initially thought the crash in 2009 in Charleston, Vermont, was an accident and that Christine had blacked out the wheel.

However, not long after the smash she signed up to dating site OK Cupid where she proceeded to reveal what she had done to a man she met there called Kevin Leland.

He then went to police and she was charged with murder but was later sentenced to 7 to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in a plea bargain.

Watch the couple in footage from American Monster below…

American Monster – The Last Broadcast airs 4:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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