Never-before-seen moments from season 5 that leave Kim shocked on L.A. Hair

Kim Kimble on L.A. Hair
Kim Kimble looks shocked on this L.A. Hair special as all the gossip comes out

This week on L.A. Hair, Kim Kimble takes us behind the scenes of Season 5 and gives the low down on her new staff and her personal life.

There were a lot of new faces this season and in this special Kim is giving up the gossip on everyone.

Find out who did what
Find out who tried to sabotage the Kimpire and who has a very secret past

Which stylist has a secret past? Who tried to secretly sabotage her empire? Plus a moment that left even Kim shocked!

OMG! Plus some revelations are revealed that leave even Kim in a state of shock

Kim also opens up about her love life and how her business and family life mix. She also explain what finally pushed her sister Leah to her limit.

Catch L.A. Hair Confidential at 9:08 PM on WEtv.

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