Netflix viewers disgusted by ‘unnecessary’ Prince Andrew scene in film Scoop

Prince Andrew in Scoop
Rufus Sewell portraying Prince Andrew in Scoop. Pic credit: Netflix

Viewers of the Netflix drama Scoop found themselves disgusted following a scene involving Prince Andrew, portrayed by Rufus Sewell, in a bath.

The scene occurred during the portrayal of the infamous interview that led to the Duke of York’s retreat from public duties.

Scoop, a no-holds-barred drama, delves behind the scenes of the notorious interview, featuring Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis and Billie Piper as Sam McAlister. 

While the series takes creative liberties for dramatic effect, one scene, in particular, has sparked intense debate.

In the scene where the BBC airs the contentious interview where Prince Andrew vehemently denies allegations of a sexual relationship with Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of assault when she was 17, the portrayal takes a startling turn. 

Prince Andrew is depicted taking a bath while millions watch his denial unfold. 

Following the interview’s conclusion, he exits the tub to a flurry of alarmed messages on his phone, leaving viewers unexpectedly confronted with his naked form.

Netflix viewers react to Prince Andrew’s nude scene in Scoop

The scene has left many viewers shaken, with some deeming it unnecessary and inappropriate. 

One X reads, “I was watching Scoop on Netflix Eating my dinner And we saw Prince Andrew naked 😩 I was like nope, I didn’t want to see butt please that never was on my bucket list 😭😭.”

Another lamented, “The shot of #PrinceAndrew’s arse was a bit unnecessary.”

Most viewers agreed that a nude view of Sewell as the disgraced Prince was a sight for sore eyes. As reported by The Independent, pivotal moments in the film include scenes such as the depiction of Prince Andrew’s tower of teddy bears, reportedly arranged on his bed at Buckingham Palace.

Rufus Sewell explains the controversial scene and his Prince Andrew transformation

In his interview with USA Today, Rufus Sewell revealed the lengths he went to to portray the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, accurately. Sewell disclosed that for a particular scene where Prince Andrew bares his behind while climbing out of the bath, he required “a large prosthetic bottom.” 

Despite his lack of shame regarding his posterior, Sewell humorously remarked that “this bum was specially shipped in.”

Moreover, Sewell discussed the meticulous process of embodying the royal persona, mentioning his efforts to master the “Windsor clenched jaw.” Sewell emphasized that this transformation into Prince Andrew was no simple task.

Furthermore, the actor confessed to becoming “obsessed” with studying footage of the infamous interview and delving into Prince Andrew’s past, particularly his youthful exploits that earned him the moniker “Randy Andy.”

Now streaming on Netflix, Scoop is adapted from the memoir penned by Sam McAlister, the ex-Newsnight producer who was pivotal in securing the now-infamous interview with Prince Andrew.

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