Netflix reveals the much-anticipated Virgin River season 3 trailer

Alexandra Breckenridge on the set of Virgin River
Alexandra Breckenridge. Pic Credit. Netflix.

Viewers are counting the days until Season 3 of Virgin River begins streaming, and to satisfy their appetites, Netflix has revealed a detailed trailer.

In Season 3, which is available on Netflix on Friday, July 9, there is a great deal of drama in store for the beloved characters during the 10-episode season.

“Highlights include a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane, and a new romance, in a twist-packed season that’ll keep fans on the edge of their seats,” according to a recent release.

Jam-packed drama expected this season

The trailer begins when Jack (Martin Henderson) is rushed to the hospital, picking up where one of the many cliffhangers left off. Viewers still want to know who shot Jack, who was found by Mel bleeding on the floor of his bar.

Virgin River is the dramatic story of a nurse practitioner and midwife, Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who flees Los Angeles after the death of her young husband and her hopes to have a child are dashed. In Virgin River, she then unexpectedly falls in love with the owner of a local bar, Jack, as well as many of the quirky townspeople.

Breckenridge, who is also known for playing Kevin’s first love Sophie on This Is Us, says she appreciates the story of Mel, a lost young woman who moves to a remote town in Northern California only to find that life there isn’t as simple as she expected.

“What I love about Mel is that she is an emotionally complex character who is also a fighter,” she says. “Mel is not somebody that’s going to just give up or lay down. Her journey of coming out of tremendous grief and loss, looking to the future, and trying to move on is really lovely, inspiring, and hopeful.” Mel is also willing to take a leap of faith, even after all of the pain she has undergone in her life, which is also laudable.

While Jack is adjusting to being a new dad with his former girlfriend Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), he finds out there is a second love triangle to make their lives more complicated. Charmaine, pregnant with twins, has a new man in her life, which further adds to the already high drama.

Virgin River community gathers at town events

There are many community events this season that bring the meddlesome small-town folks together, Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson) reveals his own serious health issues and how this will affect his long-time love, Hope McCrea (Annette O’Toole.)

Also, star-crossed lovers Jack and Mel continue to do their dance of on and off again love and romance, leaving viewers wondering – as they fight for their relationship and future – what their fate will be in the end.

Based on a series of bestselling books by Robyn Carr, Virgin River, scores of fans around the globe say that they like the coziness and warmth of the show, and natural beauty, including Vancouver’s mountains, rivers and ocean.

Virgin River Showrunner/writer Sue Tenney has described the Netflix series and the books on which it is based as truly able to connect with viewers in a personal way. “I love that we have a show that brings people together; that is the big pull for me. I feel that this show is doing that for its fans.”

She adds that all good characters’ in television, movies, and literature face obstacles “because in life we are all trying to overcome our own personal obstacles.”

Tenney sees Mel and Jack’s continual obstacles — as well as those faced by Hope and Doc — greatly adding to the drama and the broad appeal of the show. “The compromise is what is in the middle and I think the same thing could be said for all of the characters – that they have personal and professional obstacles they need to overcome.”

Season 3 of Virgin River will be available on Netflix from July 9.

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