Netflix has just shared a new teaser for 1899 — What does the Morse code mean?

Promotional image featuring the cast of Netflix's 1899
Promotional image featuring the cast of 1899. Pic credit: Netflix/Rasmus Voss

Fans of Netflix’s Dark have been long awaiting the release of the new series, 1899. From the same creators of Dark, 1899 is set to tell another mysterious and twisty story, set on an immigrant ship traveling from Europe to New York.

Very little has been released regarding the new TV show, and fans have been desperate for anything about the story and when it may be released.

Now, it looks like things are moving with the release of a new teaser.

However, unless you know how to read Morse code, there isn’t much to be gleaned from the short clip.

Netflix releases a new teaser for 1899

Netflix’s Geeked Twitter account shared the new trailer for 1899. The clip only runs for 19 seconds and is just mainly flashing images of the main characters.

However, there are a few gems hidden among the images.

Most notably, a line of triangles is shown on a strip of paper being held by someone.

Potentially, this is some sort of message received. With all those triangles, the potential is there that the Bermuda Triangle could somehow be involved in the story, according to some viewers commenting on Geeked’s post.

Then, later in the clip, a small tattoo of a triangle with a line through it is shown, further adding to the triangle mystery.

This is followed up with various images of triangles, further perpetuating the Bermuda Triangle vibe.

However, for many people, the sound of Morse code running over the top of the clip piqued their interest the most.

What does the Morse code mean?

While I can’t interpret Morse code, it is lucky there was someone in the comments who could. According to the commenter replying to Geeked’s post, the Morse code can be translated as follows.

“Teaser coming June 6, 1899.”

Pic credit: @_rxbxn/Twitter

While the end of that statement looks like a date in the past, with the title of the TV show, it should come as no surprise it gets mentioned in that way.

And, as for the start of the date? It looks like viewers will get to see another clip on June 6, which is less than a week away.

As yet, there is no release date for 1899, but with the new teaser and the promise of another trailer set to drop in a few days, it is possible viewers may finally get a premiere date announcement.

However, until the next trailer drops, it is anyone’s guess as to when we will get to see 1899.

As yet, no premiere date has been released by Netflix for 1899.

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