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NCIS spoilers: Team gets reassigned after Gibbs was suspended

McGee NCIS Young
McGee has been through a lot on NCIS. Is he ready to take over the team? Pic credit: CBS

NCIS spoilers about the next new episode of the show have been revealed through a TV promo and several sneak peeks.

This will serve as NCIS Season 18, Episode 11 and it airs for the first time on Tuesday night. The episode is called Gut Punch, and that could describe the reaction that fans get from what’s about to happen or how the team views the news that Director Leon Vance is about to share.

On the last episode of NCIS, Gibbs got suspended and the team was left trying to figure out what to do next. As was expected, the trio of agents under him lied to investigators to try to help Gibbs only to find themselves in hot water as well.

The fallout from those decisions will be a central theme of the next episode of the show leaving Torres, Bishop, and McGee forced to try to earn back the trust of Vance and recover from lying to the lead NCIS investigator.

Below is the episode synopsis that was released by CBS for Gut Punch:

“Vance assigns McGee, Torres and Bishop to COVID compliance duty at a foreign affairs summit, where they discover a link to another NCIS team’s murder case, on NCIS.”

NCIS TV promo for Gut Punch

“You’re being reassigned,” Vance can be heard saying as scenes flash across the screen during the new NCIS TV promo. We then start seeing some of the new faces that are joining the NCIS cast for this next episode.

It all sets the tone for what could be a very interesting episode of the show as viewers see an entirely new dynamic take place.

NCIS cast news for Season 18

There is a lot of additional information about NCIS guest stars and recurring cast members that will appear before Season 18 comes to an end.

One piece of really interesting news is that Mark Harmon’s wife is joining the show. She will be part of a four-episode story arc that could certainly have an impact on whether or not Gibbs returns to NCIS.

There has also been some news about how the current season will wrap up as a new actress will appear in the final two NCIS Season 18 episodes. She also has an option to return for NCIS Season 19 if CBS decides to order more episodes of the show.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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