NCIS sneak peeks of new episode reveal Parker taking over for Gibbs

Parker Leading NCIS Now
Parker is ready to lead the NCIS team now. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS sneak peeks for the new episode have been revealed and we get our first look at Alden Parker taking over the job that Gibbs just left.

Through the first five episodes of NCIS Season 19, the stage was being set for Gibbs to leave the show, but a lot of effort was also put into making Parker look like a viable candidate to take over for Gibbs.

In the last episode, NCIS fans saw why McGee turned down the promotion, leaving the door wide open for the offer that Director Vance extended to Parker.

Parker started out the season as an FBI special agent, but he got fired from the job after helping out Gibbs while they were working a case in Alaska. That case also got McGee on board with following orders from Parker.

In regard to joining the NCIS cast, actor Gary Cole provided a few spoilers about his character that could be interesting to some fans.

NCIS sneak peeks for Season 19, Episode 6

Below are three sneak peek clips that have been released for NCIS Season 19, Episode 6. The new episode is called False Start and it will air for the first time on Monday, November 1.

This first clip comes from early in the new episode when McGee, Torres, and Knight are in the office joking around and Parker rolls in. But it appears that Parker starts his day a bit differently than Gibbs has in the past.

This next NCIS S19, E6 sneak peek shows the team digging into the case that they have been presented with this time.

According to CBS, the synopsis for the new episode reads as follows: “NCIS investigates the death of a beloved Navy commander who trained some of the top athletes in the country.”

A new sneak peek showing Alden Parker leading NCIS team

A third NCIS sneak peek for False Start has also been released, and in this one, we really get to see what Parker’s leadership style is going to look like during a case. It appears that he, like Gibbs, does enjoy drinking a beverage as he leads an investigation.

With no animosity coming from Torres for the first time this season, the clip makes it look like Parker could be a good leader for him moving forward. It will certainly be interesting to see how Parker handles himself in the field during tense situations as well.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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