NCIS recap: Torres tries goat yoga, team investigates bank robbery

Agents Torres and Bishop investigate on Season 16 Episode 7 of NCIS
Agents Torres and Bishop investigate on Season 16 Episode 7 of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS team was called to the scene of a bank robbery to open Season 16 Episode 7 last night. The twist, though, was that the robbers only stole part of a wall.

Before heading out, Torres explained how he had a rough night trying out goat yoga. One goat in particular, named Jessica, left him with a sore back and neck.

It turns out that on the outside of the bank wall was a painting made by a street artist. He had embedded a high-tech barcode in the piece, so when viewers took a picture, it would send them to a website where they could donate money to help protect whales.

NCIS recap: Season 16 Episode 7

Midway through the investigation, the NCIS team finds the street artist dead. He had apparently angered the wrong person. Known as Ritz, he was known as an extreme environmentalist, using his artwork to make statements about the mistreatment of animals.

While Jimmy was doing an autopsy, Dr. Mallard appeared for a few moments during the episode. It was a quick consult to help with the ongoing case.

Gibbs mentioned “rule 73” in the episode, stating that you should never meet your heroes. This came up because the artist was quite rude to his fans.

The NCIS cast investigates the real Ritz

A company working for the Navy turned out to be harming marine animals. This information came from the real street artist Ritz, who turned out to be a woman — and not the person who had died. An investigator sent to deal with the artist instead targeted someone pretending to be Ritz.

Ritz and Bishop, who has taken on the nickname Bish, spent some time bonding over creating artwork. Bishop had stopped after her friend Clayton Reeves, who died in Season 9 of the show, passed away.

Back to the case, and it was determined by Kasie that the sonar from the company in question was sending out a decibel level high enough to kill marine life.

While investigating the company  — which was later shut down — Gibbs figured out that they were trying to work with the Ritz imposter, and this pointed toward the real Ritz actually being the killer.

However, the episode provided a twist as it turned out that the real killer was someone who had worked for a senator previously discredited by Ritz. It allowed Ritz and Bish to bond over a painting. And then…goat yoga, anyone?

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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