NCIS pays tribute to Cody James Reedy following Season 17 episode

Cody James Reedy
Cody James Reedy receives recognition during NCIS Season 17, Episode 4. Pic credit: CBS screencap

NCIS and CBS honored Cody James Reedy following the latest episode of the show. The producers gave him a nice title card following the episode named Someone Else’s Shoes.

The message was a short one, stating “In memory of our friend and college Cody James Reedy. We will miss you.” It was to the point and made sure that his memory will continue to live on.

The show hasn’t immediately made it clear why they were honoring Reedy and what relationship he had with the show. Reedy also isn’t currently listed as a contributor to the show on the IMDb page or the press release for this episode.

Cody James Reedy honored by NCIS

It’s possible that answers about who he is could be tied to the theme of the episode. Called Someone Else’s Shows, Season 17, Episode 4 of NCIS was about homeless veterans and a crime scene at Arlington National Cemetery.

It’s possible that Reedy served his country and has some relationship to the source material used for this installment. That could also turn out to just be a guess, as the production team has also honored people who have had something to do with simply putting episodes together.

Last December, CBS closed out an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles by honoring crew member Mike Brooks. The simple message to close out Season 10, Episode 11 read, “In Memory of Mike Brooks.”

According to his show bio, Brooks was the construction coordinator for the program, working on 208 episodes from 2009-2018.

That same type of information has not yet been provided for Cody James Reedy, but with a lot of fans and viewers very intrigued by the message displayed following the October 15 episode of the show, maybe someone close to production will announce something soon.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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