NCIS: Los Angeles preview, sneak peek for new episode released

Hetty On New NCIS
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange on NCIS: LA cast for Season 11. Pic credit: CBS

For the most part, CBS has kept specifics of the new NCIS: Los Angeles episode under wraps. While revealing a lot of general details for Episode 250, which airs Sunday night, we still haven’t seen footage of the new antagonist.

Previously, a fun behind-the-scenes video for the episode was released, showing the cast speaking about how they were enjoying the milestone for the show. Not many dramas reach 250 episodes.

Update: Following Mother airing on December 1, CBS has taken down the preview and sneak peek footage for the episode. This is in anticipation of the new episode on December 8.

The official preview didn’t cover much. It was roughly six seconds in length, which doesn’t do much more than advertise that a new episode is about to take place. We did get to see a guest-star in it. See if you spotted him.

That preview didn’t tell us much. It might have a few fans asking, “What’s in the box?” But the lights going out in the op center is familiar territory. It does set the tone that something bad is taking place, though.

CBS also released a sneak peek of the new episode, which was co-written by co-star Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Marty Deeks on the show. It relayed one of the comedic moments that are thrown in to defuse episodes that end up packed with drama.

The sneak peek also revealed just about nothing about the new episode, though it shows the NCIS: LA cast playing some basketball.

It’s good to see Eric Beale (played by Barrett Foa) back in these scenes, as he has been working on Angels in America through most of Season 11. Having him back on screen returns a bit of normalcy to the program.

In regard to the specific plot points of the new episode, which is called Mother, the NCIS: LA team is going to have to deal with someone from Hetty Lange’s past. Someone Hetty recruited and trained is back for revenge. But why? We are all going to find out pretty soon.

In the last episode, we saw Hetty debating whether or not it was time for her to give up control of the NCIS team. But Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Nell (Renée Felice Smith) don’t appear to want the job. So where does that leave the team and the NCIS: Los Angeles cast? That’s unclear, which is why we all have to tune in on Sunday night.

For readers who want to jump ahead, we have some details about the winter finale, which is scheduled to take place on December 8. That episode is called Answers, and the title might foreshadow how everything will play out.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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