Natalia Tena on The Mandalorian Chapter 6: Who is the actress who played Xi’an the Twi’lek bounty hunter? [spoilers]

Actress and musician Natalia Tena
Natalia Tena played Xi’an on The Mandalorian. Pic credit: @ImageCollect.com/S_bukley

Natalia Tena played the Twi’lek bounty hunter Xi’an on the latest episode of The Mandalorian, titled The Prisoner.

Xi’an was part of a team of bounty hunters put together by Ranzar “Ran” Malk (Mark Boone Junior) to rescue her brother, Qin (Ismael Cruz Cordova), from a New Republic prison ship.

Ran also asked the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) to join the team. Other team members were Mayfeld (Bill Burr), Zero the droid (Richard Ayoade), and Burg the Devaronian (Clancy Brown).

Ran, Xi’an, and the Mandalorian had worked together as a team of bounty hunters in the past, and it appeared that Xi’an was still upset about something that the Mandalorian had done. She threatened him with a blade and Ran explained to Mayfeld that “Xi’an’s been a little heartbroken since the Mandalorian left our group.”

But it turned out that Xi’an’s beef with the Mandalorian was that he played a role in getting her brother, Qin, arrested and imprisoned.

After they rescued Qin from his cell in the prison ship, Xi’an, Mayfeld, and Burg double-crossed the Mandalorian. The threw him inside Qin’s cell and locked it up.

Mando quickly escaped and before his former teammates could leave the prison ship, he placed it on lockdown. He then hunted them down and locked them up. He left the prison ship with Qin — whom he delivered to Ran.

Ran and Qin tried to doublecross Mando by sending a gunship after him, but unknown to Qin, Mando had planted a device on him that sent a distress call to the New Republic. A group of X-wing fighters tracked the signal to Ran’s space platform and attacked it.

Who is Natalia Tena?

Natalia Tena is a British actress best known for playing Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter film series.

She also played the wildling Osha on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Tena is a musician who plays the accordion and piano. She is the lead vocalist for the band, Molotov Jukebox, which released their debut album, Carnival Flower, in 2014. Molotov Jukebox also released Tropical Gypsy in 2016. The band is known for the singles Neon Lights and Pineapple Girl.

She was born in London in November 1984, attended Bedales School, and is an activist who supports human rights organizations, such as Survival International, which works to protect tribal groups around the world and describes itself as “the global movement for tribal peoples.”

The Mandalorian Chapter 6 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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