Narcos: Mexico narrator Scoot McNairy teases Season 2 with Operation Leyenda

Narcos: Mexico’s narrator Scooty McNairy’s character is a mystery until the finale. Pic credit: Netflix/Instagram

While some fans thought Boyd Holbrook, who played Steve Murphy in Narcos Season 1 returned to reprise his role as a narrator, it is actually Scoot McNairy. The narrator of Narcos Mexico character is kept a mystery during the 10-episode season until the last episode.  

Following the premiere, McNairy was added in the cast listing as the narrator.

WARNING: Narcos: Mexico Season 1 spoilers ahead. 

If you have finished Narcos: Mexico Season 1, McNairy’s character is revealed in the finale in a scene that sets up Season 2 ( or Narcos Season 5?) plot of Operation Leyenda. 

Narcos showrunner Eric Newman describes DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena as the first martyr of the war on drugs.  

Scoot McNairy will portray Agent Walt if Narcos: Mexico is renewed for Season 2, which will be the fifth installment of the Netflix Narcos franchise. It also appears that Diego Luna will return as the Jefe de Jefes Félix Gallardo, who seemingly becomes more powerful following the events of Agent Camarena’s brutal murder. 

What is Operation Leyenda? 

Narcos: Mexico Season 1 episode 10 is titled: Leyenda. Operation Leyenda was a large-scale DEA operation in response to Camarena’s death that made drug cartels forever fear the reprisal of American law enforcement. McNairy narrates in the finale stating that: “maybe it woke us up,” in reference to Camarena’s death before revealing his identity as Operation Leyenda DEA agent Walt. 

If Netflix renews Narcos, the next season will likely explore US-Mexico relations as DEA agents pursue cartel operatives and their associates who are responsible for Camarena’s death to seek answers.

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