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Naked and Afraid XL: All-Stars women battle the soggy Noja Cliffs of insanity

Watch an exclusive clip from Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars — as three women who previously had great success fishing for catfish with just bows and arrows now find themselves at the mercy of the mercurial Noja Cliffs weather.

Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars sees the survivalists having to survive for 40 days and 40 nights in Africa’s drought-afflicted and potentially deadly Selati River Basin.

The Noja Cliffs are where the three women, Lindsey Leitelt, Melissa Miller, and Kaila Cummings, have to figure out a way to survive a cold and rainy night — with their crevice, tarped and set up with their beds and a small fire, being engulfed by torrential rain.

With lions, crocodiles and other dangerous predators living all around their encampment, these women need their sleep and shelter to keep their wits intact and survive.

Melissa is filmed in an infrared camera inside their camp and is worried. She says: “We are in fetal position. Up against jagged rock, that’s where Lindsey’s bed is and it’s now a pool. The only heat source we have is a small fire with water flowing over the side of our crevice.”

Melissa Miller
Melissa shares their concerns as the encampment is being engulfed by torrential rains

These survivalists have little to no protection and the production team that film these naked brave souls can only do so much. If something attacks the women, their lives are truly in danger.

On this episode of Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars, the Noja Cliffs, the unrelenting rainstorm puts all of the survivalists at risk only three days into the challenge.

In the exclusive clip from the latest episode, we see the starving all-women team continues their quest to win the challenge and their upbeat spirits, moxie, and seamless teamwork are impressive.

Lindsey first appeared in the Namibia Naked and Afraid season. Melissa’s hometown is Fenton, Michigan. Growing up she would venture into nearby woods barefoot catching frogs, snakes, and turtles in the creeks.

At the tender age of four years old she was catching fish! Lastly, Kaila Cummings had to recover from her first Naked and Afraid foray into the jungle of Quebrada Valencia in Colombia, where it took her one and a half years to regain her health.

A custom knife maker, Kaila is dead set to tackle the brutal arid and ultra wet conditions in Africa in yet another challenge and win.

This massive storm unleashes torrential rains on each camp and the temperature plummets nearly 40 degrees. The Selati River Basin is a contradiction of extremes, with drought and unforgiving rain, starving predators and surprisingly bountiful finds like the catfish from last week the women speared for a tasty dinner.

Deep in the heart of Africa, teams were dropped into the savannah into four groups of three, and the survivalists must sink or swim and try to be stronger together or split into smaller groups to succeed.

It looks like our women are a smashing team and formidable competitors.

Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars airs Sunday at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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