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Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars exclusive: Gary is annoying, even to a leopard

Tonight on Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars, personality riffs are deep and wide, as are the challenges presented by a leopard who is quite angry at these human interlopers who have intruded not only into its habitat but have stolen its food as well.

On the episode Survivalists vs. Predator, a nearby leopard may very well retaliate against a few survivalists who scavenged the predator’s kill to provide food for the team.

As you can imagine, the leopard isn’t having it and you will see later in the episode just how it reacts.

On top of the angry big cat lurking “out there”, Gary Golding and the woman who is hunting and eating with him, Sarah Danser, each have intruded mightily on the other survivalists. You can tell by their lukewarm and trepidatious reaction that they are not excited about this. Is it a case of “no good deed goes unpunished” or a case of “we didn’t ask for this.” You decide.

Gary Golding
Gary is very excited about the purloined kill from a leopard

Gary and Sarah are bringing the kill of a nearby leopard, who as you will find out as the episode unfurls, likely isn’t keen on humans invading his space or interloping on his dinner.

A bit about Gary. Known as the “Tarzan of Los Angeles,” Golding is billed as an “environmental activist” whose message is “consume as little as possible” as he speaks publicly, educates children, builds urban gardens, rescues bees, reduces food waste, and generally does what he can to raise awareness about being good stewards of mother nature.

On Naked and Afraid, however, his welcome appears to be worn out.

Trying to get through their day and laying about are Trent Nielsen, Kaila Cummings, and Shane Lewis. They are not anxious to tuck into the scavenged kill Gary and his partner have wrestled back to the camp, despite his cajoling and enthusiasm about how ‘fresh” the meat is.

Trent Nielsen, Kaila Cummings, and Shane Lewis
Nobody wants what Gary is serving up

Tonight, another survivalist, Matt Wright. joins the other Naked and Afraid contestants and immediately he causes a stir and there is a confrontation within the group. He too is putting the group at risk when he scavenges this nearby leopard’s kill to provide food for the team.

Naked and Afraid XL All-Stars airs Sundays at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery

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