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Naked and Afraid: First transgender contestant Quince meets his police woman partner

Quince Mountain has some fears initially about meeting his partner until he realizes she's totally cool. Pic credit: Discovery
Quince Mountain has some fears initially about meeting his partner until he realizes she’s totally cool. Pic credit: Discovery

This Sunday on Naked and Afraid, one contestant will be introduced to his new partner.

Usually found in the frigid north and usually quite happy in Alaska, Quince Mountain is the first transgender Naked And Afraid survivalist and began his life as a woman.

This run of the series sees him smack in the dense vegetation of the rainforest, a far cry from the snowy conditions he seems to love.

On social media, Quince describes himself as an “Explorer. He/him/his. Grew up wrangling horses at Bible camp, now mushing dogs across Alaska, Yukon, & Midwest.”

Being the first transgender survivalist on Naked and Afraid, Quince is ready to field questions from his curious partner, a police officer who seems to be completely nonplussed by his admission he was a woman over nine years ago. In fact, it was not a big deal at all despite Quince’s apprehensions.

“I have very high hopes and expectations for my partner.  I hope she likes me,” says Quince.

He has years of experience in the Arctic, but the rainforest demands a different set of skills for survival.

Walking through the brush, Teresa meets Quince as she nervously jokes out of the gate about the intense heat and sweating like a pig. She laughs and jokes that “pig” was a pun based on the fact that she is a cop by profession.

“That’s hardcore,” says Quince. “Oh my god, I don’t want a cop pissed off at me!”

The two are getting used to the naked part of the show. Quince notes his scars from his gender reassignment surgery and Teresa says she has scars too.

Telling Teresa that he is trans was the hurdle for him.

Totally cool with the news, she says: “My partner being transgender… it absolutely makes no difference. I think that we will be still able to work together as well as we would if he was a big burly man.”

In his daily life, Quince Mountain is also an editor for online zine Killing the Buddha, a literary think-tank for questioning all religion and celebrating it too.

The show’s premise sees a challenge of 21 days, one man and one woman, who meet in the nude, are then tasked to survive in various extreme environments “naked” of all tools, clothes, and food.

This season on Discovery sees extreme survivalists from Australia to Croatia and Canada, along with Alabama and Texas for the first time. They’ll deal with insects and apex predators like big cats, bears and some of the world’s most deadly reptiles.

They will have to work together to build a usable shelter, forage for food and find potable water.

But the wildcard is always the mental health aspect of this series. Can they hack it for the time they are left in the wild?

Naked and Afraid takes “survival of the fittest” literally as two strangers have to band together and survive, getting over their modesty and hang-ups about their physiques.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 9/8c on Discovery and Discovery GO.

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