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Naked and Afraid couple Caesar and Leah attacked by blood-sucking chaquistes

On Naked and Afraid this week, a swarm of biting insects known as chaquistes creates misery for nude survivalists Caesar Aliva and Leah Chandler.

Watch our exclusive clip from the episode as neither of them get any sleep when their net proves useless zero defense the attacking swarm who want to feed on their blood.

The lack of sleep combined with their physical discomfort adds up to a challenging time for the couple who, like all contestants on the show, are placed outdoors together — minus any clothing.

What are biting chaquistes?

Chaquistes are part of normal insect life in Mexico’s remote jungle areas — and can be a nightmare to be around.

They are more vicious than mosquitoes, and act like Scotland’s midges, or biting gnats, horseflies and aggressive East Coast marsh green head flies combined — and will attack over and over.

The females feed on human and animal blood to continue their life cycle and their saliva causes painful skin ulcers and raised rashes on humans.

There are over 3,000 species of biting flies found throughout the world, with some 350 species are found in the U.S. and Mexico alone. They attack vigorously, mostly during the afternoons and as we see in our exclusive clip, at night.

Leah Chandler on Naked and Afraid
Leah Chandler talks about the never-ending chaquiste bites on Naked and Afraid

The bites often swell into large painful welts that itch terribly and can seep fluid for days. The discomfort these two Naked and Afraid contestants experience is severe.

Insect repellent, long pants and long-sleeved shirts are the best protection. But when you are naked, you are out of luck!

Who is on Naked and Afraid in Mexico?

The brave insect-buffet contestants are Caesar Aliva, a martial arts instructor and self-described shaman, and “strong ass Cajun woman” Leah Chandler, a psych ward nurse and married mom from Dry Prong, Louisiana.

But their time on the show isn’t easy. The incessant, biting chaquistes bedevil, and choking humidity and torrential rainfall immediately diminishes their morale and willingness to continue the challenge.

Where are the Naked and Afraid contestants?

Map of Mexico
A map showing the location of the Naked and Afraid contestants

The two are put to the test in the rainforests of Lacandon Jungle in Chiapas, Mexico, which holds many Mayan ruins. The area is purportedly haunted by eerie spirits of past civilizations.

The Lacandon Jungle is classified as rainforest which stretches from Chiapas, Mexico, all the way to Guatemala and into the southern part of the Yucatán Peninsula.

On the episode the two survivalists have seemingly insurmountable challenges. Leah reportedly becomes severely injured, and Caesar’s mental stability is in jeopardy as he eats an intoxicating fruit.

Will they make it through this inhospitable swath of Mexico’s rainforest?

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery

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