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Naked and Afraid contestant’s sunburn so bad her whole body is covered in BLISTERS

On tonight’s Naked and Afraid, ginger-haired LeeAnn Duncan learns the hard way how her genetics have put her at a huge disadvantage in the unrelenting sun of Nicaragua — as her entire body erupts in a sea of blisters from horrific sunburn.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, close-ups reveal the horrific damage her skin has suffered from the unrelenting rays with no jungle canopy to protect her.

Describing the result as “disgusting”, LeeAnn shows the camera her arms, shoulders, legs and back — all covered in thousands of fluid-filled raised blisters.

They are her body’s defense mechanism between her and the sun, but if they burst the resulting wounds could easily become infected.

The amount of fluid lost in serious sunburn cases can also be life-threatening if you aren’t drinking enough water. During the episode, due to her fair skin LeeAnn ends up suffering third-degree sunburn.

LeeAnn Duncan
LeeAnn shows the damage done to her skin from the intense sun
A close-up of some of the thousands of blisters that cover much of LeeAnn’s body

Also on Naked and Afraid tonight, the two survivalists — LeeAnn Duncan and Lee Diehl — end up in jeopardy from aggressive hostile crocodiles, and have to deal with territorial howler monkeys who never let up screaming at them.

Meanwhile, LeeAnn is not the only one who struggles to endure life in the jungle, with Lee’s life threatened by a mysterious illness.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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