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Naked and Afraid contestant suffers meltdown as blood-sucking flies attack

Tonight on Naked and Afraid, survivalist contestant Karra Falkenstein suffers a serious meltdown as blood-sucking flies relentlessly attack her and her fellow contestant Gary Golding.

Californian Gary and Wisconsin native Karra were dropped into a swath of ultra-arid savannah in Brazil with absolutely no clothes, no food, and no water.

As in other Naked and Afraid episodes, their challenge was to survive in this wasteland of flies and little resources for exactly 21 days.

But in our exclusive clip, Karra, an endurance athlete and naked yoga teacher, becomes distressed and unhinged as she prays for the strength to overcome their biggest challenge: The blood-sucking biting flies so bad they burrow into a scab on her knee to try and lay eggs.

Karra praying on Naked and Afraid
Karra is at her last tether as she battles the blood-sucking, egg-laying flies on her body

Karra and Gary were sent to Jalapao, Brazil, for Discovery’s brutal no-clothing-allowed survivalist show. In an interview with her home state of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Karra admitted that people seeing her naked was no big deal because of the naked yoga classes she teaches — and that that was the last thing on her mind.

Karra said: “You’re not thinking about your butt. You’re thinking ‘I have to protect myself from the elements. I have to find food. I have to find water. I have to build shelter.'”

Gary Golding
Gary Golding finds a cactus he and Karra could potentially eat — as long as they can avoid the thorns

Karra also noted in her interview that the two were on their own at night, regardless of jaguars and other man-eating predators that inhabit their space. And she revealed how she had to pass a battery of tests to prove she could handle the assignment.

Preparing herself for the challenge was an immediate concern. Karra said: “You have to get your feet ready. I stopped getting pedicures as soon as I applied in 2015, and I walked barefoot every day when I got home, like down by the Milwaukee River where the rocks and stuff are.”

In our clip, without food or water, these two are hanging on by a thread as they are tested to the extreme.

Depleted and being feasted on by the relentless flies, will they make it to the 21st day?

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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