Mystery Diagnosis: A baby without a heartbeat and a woman with random symptoms

Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases
Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases

Tonight on Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases – the woman who couldn’t cry, the girl who couldn’t be touched and the baby who wouldn’t stop crying.

There are 3 episodes on tonight with the first cases involving a baby born with no heartbeat and a woman who start having terrible headaches out of the blue.

The second episode examines the case of  a woman who has had a huge number of medical problems. They often change day to day, yet doctors have been unable to work out the cause.

Lastly there is a teenage swimmer who is getting severe pain in her hands and the little baby who has a bulging forehead.

Catch Mystery Diagnosis: Most Shocking Cases starting at 7 PM through to 10 PM on Discovery Life.


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