Mysteries Decoded preview: New Big Foot evidence from British Columbia shared in season ender

(L-R) Ashley, Jennifer Marshall and Andrew are watching new taped footage of a female and male Sasquatch, aka Big Foot. Pic credit: The CW
Ashley, Jennifer Marshall and Andrew Sanford are watching new taped footage of a female and male Sasquatch, aka Big Foot. Pic credit: The CW

As Season 1 comes to a close, The CW series Mysteries Decoded takes us to the western edge of Canada to meet up with Canadian researchers who claim that they have startling new evidence of the existence of Big Foot. And not just one, but a male and female.

Host Jennifer Marshall will work with Andrew Sanford, who is a podcaster and zoologist enlisted by Jennifer to help her unravel the new evidence coming out of the remote areas of British Columbia, Canada.

Admiring the terrascape, Jennifer is in awe of the majestic scenery in the area.

“You don’t really appreciate the vastness of British Columbia. You can see a mountain and you think it’s close, it’s not. It’s super, super far. You can scream bloody murder and no one is going to hear you,” says Jennifer in the finale episode of Mysteries Decoded. She takes in all of the landscape and never-ending forests and mountain ranges.

As far as the new evidence being presented tonight?

“I can’t wait to see it,” she adds. “The videos look legitimate but is it somebody in prosthetics, [or] makeup? I would have to do my own research”

The two meet up with Canadian researcher Todd Standing and his assistant Ashley, who claim there is evidence of the existence of Big Foot.

He calls himself the gorilla tracker.

“I’ve been studying this group for over 8 years,” Standing said. “How can the most man-like primate be here in North America and we still don’t know and accept it?”

The two show Jennifer a film of “Jane,” a female. And of the big 8-foot male they call “Jake.”

“He’s magnificent,” says Standing.

Andrew is stunned at the footage Standing has gathered.

He then shows physical “pressure” tracks where the footprints of a large bipedal mammal have walked. Andrew notes that his foot doesn’t fit the track and is floored that he got to see the tracks.

Standing shows Jennifer and Andrew the mobile RV camper where they will be sleeping as they investigate the area with Standing and Ashley’s help. Standing even has Ashley urinating “all over the area” in an effort to draw the primates. Jennifer’s expression at this news is priceless.

Andrew says: “I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am hoping to run at it with as little fear as possible.”

About Mysteries Decoded

The new eight-episode series was born from The CW’s success last year with the one-hour special Roswell: Mysteries Decoded — which not only spurred interest in the new fictional drama but gave producers a chance to create and design the perfect follow-up exploring the most famous mysteries and conspiracies in US history.

Lead investigator Jennifer Marshall brings a unique POV to the mysteries investigated weekly.

Make sure to tune in tonight to see the adventure in the hunt for Big Foot as it unfolds for Jennifer and Andrew.

Mysteries Decoded season finale ‘Big Foot’ airs  Sunday night at 9/8c following the big iHeart Radio Music Festival on The CW.

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