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MyoStorm ball on Shark Tank: The Meteor helps relieve muscle pain and improves recovery

MyoStorm Meteor on Shark Tank
MyoStorm Meteor featured on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC

MyoStorm was one of the startups featured last night on ABC’s Shark Tank. Jonothan “Jono” DiPeri and Shaquille Walker were the entrepreneurs from Provo, Utah who pitched MyoStorm’s The Meteor, a product that helps relieve body pain and improves muscle recovery.

The Meteor is a self-heating, vibrating massage therapy ball that aids deep tissue muscle recovery. It reduces muscle tension and promotes muscle flexibility and relaxation.

The Meteor is the product of research and development effort by co-founders Jonothan DiPeri and a team of professionals, including athletes, engineers, physical therapists, and medical professionals.

Members of the team of experts include Brent Feland, a professor of exercise science and physical therapy, and Jonathan Blotter, a professor of Mechanical Engineering.

The Meteor is based on scientifically-backed principles about how vibration, heat, and massage, facilitate human muscle recovery and pain relief. It is a portable device that generates heat and vibration that speed up muscle healing and recovery. It relieves muscular pain, including chronic pain.

MyoStorm ball on Shark Tank
MyoStorm Meteor aids muscle recovery. Pic credit: ABC

MyoStorm’s the Meteor has two heat settings that work to improve circulation, while it’s three vibration settings help to relieve chronic pain by increasing muscle flexibility and pliability, all of which help to increase performance. The vibration also complements the heat to improve circulation.

The ball is about four inches in diameter and a little less than two pounds in weight. The weight and size of the massage ball are optimum for “effective muscle trigger point release, deep tissue massage and facial stimulation.”

The creators claim that the Meteor is a superior alternative to foam rollers, percussion massage tools, massage sticks, heat wraps, and other muscle recovery and pain relief devices.

Who are the innovators behind Myostorm’s the Meteor?

Jonothan DiPeri is a graduate of mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University (BYU). Shaquille Walker was formerly studying kinesiology and exercise science at BYU but decided to focus on his career as a professional athlete.

DiPeri and Walker met while they were serving as missionaries for their church. After Jono began the research that led to the invention of the Meteor, he reached out to Shaquille.

Jono and Shaquille teamed up with Bret Feland, a professor of exercise science and physical therapy and Jonathan Blotter, a professor of mechanical engineering, to research on how vibration and heat aid physical recovery. They also researched how their finds could be incorporated into the design of a portable massage ball.

The team also worked with BYU statistician Jared Ward, a professor of statistics at BYU, who has also distinguished himself as a long-distance runner.

Ward placed sixth in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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