My Love, My Love, My Fearless Love: What is the song on Lucifer?

Lucifer Morningstar sits on his throne
Lucifer Morningstar returns to Hell. Pic credit: Netflix

My Love Will Never Die By Claire Wyndham is the song that plays in the closing scene of the season finale as Lucifer Morningstar leaves for Hell.

The song, which has the opening line “My Love, My Love, My Fearless Love,” plays in the Lucifer Season 4 finale — Episode 10, titled Who’s da New King of Hell?

My Love Will Never Die by Claire Wyndham

Lucifer thought he had averted the prophecy that Hell would be victorious when the Devil finds his first love but he ends up facing off against a new threat.

Eve brings the demon Dromos to Earth who takes over Father Kinley’s body. Dromos then summons other murderous demons from Hell and kidnaps Charlie. Dromos and the other demons threaten to make Charlie the new King of Hell.

Lucifer bares his Devil’s face and confronts Dromos and his demons to protect the humans he’s grown to love. In the emotional closing scene after having defeated Dromos, Lucifer Morningstar tells Chloe he must return to Hell. Chloe tearfully declares her love for the Devil. She tells him that she loves him and begs him not to leave.

But Lucifer Morningstar tells Chloe that he must return to sit upon his throne and take control of Hell so that he can contain the demons and prevent them from returning to Earth.

Lucifer explains that Chloe was right that they got the prophecy wrong and that the prophecy is actually about Hell coming to Earth. He must prevent that from happening by returning to Hell to rule and contain the demons.

“I need to keep them contained,” Lucifer explains, “They [the Demons] must have a King.”

Chloe begins to sob, pleadings with Lucifer, saying, “You can’t leave me.”

My Love Will Never Die by Claire Wyndham starts to play at this point.

Chloe apologizes to Lucifer about how she acted when she first saw his face and pleads with him not to go back to Hell.

“I love you,” she says. “I love you… please don’t leave.”

Lucifer Morningstar then tells Chloe that she is his first love and not Eve.

“It’s you, Chloe,” Lucifer says. “It’s always has been.”

They kiss and Lucifer says goodbye and the song continues:

My Love, my love

My fearless love

I will not say goodbye

See me rise, sky may fall

My love will never die

We then see Lucifer sitting on his throne and rising in the night sky back to Hell.

My Love Will Never Die by Claire Wyndham has not yet been released.

Lucifer Season 4 is streaming on Netflix.

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