My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney breaks down after trainer blasts excuses

My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Whitney breaks down as she talks to trainer Will on tonight’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life

In tonight’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Thore’s dreams of making a dance DVD could be under threat and her fitness regime is not going well.

Whitney is under the steely gaze of her trainer Will, as she makes excuses about her lack of effort.

She tells him she has a bad back and the problem is the same vague one she had before. He is not convinced and Whitney says she thinks that after she regained weight he no longer trusts her.

He tells her: “We need to do something every day to reach these goals that we’ve set. It seems like this is becoming less important to you.”

Whitney then breaks down and starts crying, Will looks less than impressed.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows the life of Whitney Thore, who dramatically gained weight when she went to college. The keen dancer became a viral hit on YouTube with her A Fat Girl Dancing video.

Catch My Big Fat Fabulous Life tonight 9pm on TLC.

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