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My 600-lb Life’s Vianey and Allen now: Update on couple’s progress – How much weight did they lose?

Vianey and Allen share a meal on My 600-lb Life
Vianey and Allen enjoy a meal together before heading to Houston for Dr. Now’s help. Pic credit: TLC

On the latest episode of My 600-lb Life, we got to meet Vianey and Allen, a couple from Chicago whose relationship with food is not only something they have bonded over but also something that could end up killing them.

With both Vianey and Allen weighing in at more than 600 pounds each at the start of the episode, they seek out Dr. Now’s help in hopes that he can help them both drop weight and lengthen their lives together.

Initially, they have a video call with the famous diet doctor and after a visual inspection of the couple, he suggests that they start cutting back now, since dropping weight will make the trek from Chicago to Houston a lot easier on them.

Vianey and Allen eating together on My 600-lb Life
Vianey and Allen’s relationship includes an unhealthy amount of food. Pic credit: TLC

The trip to Texas still isn’t easy on Vianey and Allen, who lose a mattress on the interstate as they make their way. After four days of traveling, they hit another snag when they finally get to Houston, as Vianey accidentally packed some paperwork necessary for getting their apartment in the back of their U-Haul, making it impossible to get into their apartment upon arrival.

Despite all of that drama, Vianey and Allen are still determined to see Dr. Now and start their weight loss journey. Just one day after settling into their apartment, they visit the My 600-lb Life doctor for their first check-in and find out what they weigh.

Vianey on My 600-lb Life
Vianey needs Allen’s help with the most basic tasks due to her size and inability to get around. Pic credit: TLC

Vianey and Allen’s My 600-lb Life update

Many wondered whether Vianey and Allen would be able to get on board with Dr. Now, who wanted them both to lose weight before qualifying for weight loss surgery. However, Vianey was able to get on board quickly, impressing the doctor with her weight loss and qualifying before Allen.

While Allen was disappointed in himself and was told to work harder, Vianey was able to go under the knife about seven months in.

Unfortunately, that surgery didn’t go down without a hitch. Instead, as Dr. Now and his team began operating, Vianey’s heart stopped. The surgery had to be stopped right then and there as they worked to resuscitate her. As she came to, Dr. Now filled Vianey in on what happened and she cried as she learned that she did not have the gastric sleeve surgery she had worked so hard to earn.

Despite not having weight loss surgery, Vianey was still able to drop 120 pounds on her own prior to the attempt and lost even more weight after that just by sticking to Dr. Now’s 1200-calorie diet and giving up her beloved carbs.

Allen also made significant progress and near the end of the two-hour episode, he was able to undergo a stomach reduction. With his stomach surgery being successful, it looks like Allen is definitely on the road to better health and though Vianey’s surgery wasn’t shown, she likely was able to qualify again, as she never gave up.

Vianey and Allen on a date at the park
After seeing much success on My 600-lb Life, Vianey and Allen were able to enjoy a picnic date. Pic credit: TLC

The pair even were able to go on their first real date together after Allen’s weight loss surgery — a picnic at the park. They didn’t cheat on their diets though and we saw Allen eating his liquid diet of chicken broth and gelatin cups while Vianey kept her meal low-calorie as well.

The pair looked much healthier as they were able to get around easier than ever before. And while My 600-lb Life has been very elusive about sharing any recent update photos, by the end of the episode, Vianey had lost 226 pounds and Allen lost 276 pounds.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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