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Ashley from My 600-lb Life is desperate for skin surgery and Nicole hangs on in Where Are They Now? update

Tonight on My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, two women who struggled to get their surgery for weight loss are now both facing unique challenges and obstacles as they try to keep on the path to better health.

Getting that weight off is one thing, keeping it off and dealing with the loose skin is another.

On the episode we catch up with Ashley Bratcher Dunn in Kerens, Texas who was an unbelievable 725 pounds when we first met her.

Cut to two years post surgery and we pick up with her tonight as she explains where she is at emotionally.

Ashley started her dramatic weight loss after it was clear she could not care for her child. She literally was dependent on her six-year-old son Patrick to be her caregiver.

Ashley looks in the mirror and is discouraged still by the skin hiding her progress
Ashley looks in the mirror and is discouraged still by the skin hiding her progress

Depression has not left Ashley despite her making headway in her journey to wellness. Since receiving gastric bypass surgery she has lost what would easily be the weight of one huge man, over 320 pounds. Still, she lives in self-doubt and struggles with inner demons that torment her daily.

Insecurity and fear are mostly what plague Ashley as now the unwanted side-effect and curse of morbid obesity, excess skin, is uncomfortable and is weighing her down.

That flopping loose skin is what most extremely overweight people dread the most despite seeing the pounds come off the scale. It is a source of frustration that causes great discomfort, chafing and keeps the person from seeing what their body really should look like.

Ashley's hanging stomach skin is bring her emotions down
Ashley’s hanging stomach skin is bringing her emotions down

Ashley is at a standstill and is quite distraught about her hanging stomach skin and the use of painkillers she fears she will become dependent on.

Just over a year ago, Nicole Lewis, too, weighed in at over 700 pounds.

Ashley was a young mum at just 24 years old with two children to care for when she decided to make her huge life change. Viewers will recall that she used to have to be cleaned outside with a garden hose.

She has come a very long way since. Her fiance Charlie is with her every step of the way as she explores her options and clearly states she cannot stand Houston and wants to move.

Nicole has also relinquished her once-needed wheelchair and is continuing to lose weight. She lost a total of 47 pounds in tonight’s weigh-in with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston.

However, Nicole’s family life is haunted by her parents’ drug abuse and addiction and is becoming more and more turbulent.

She makes a decision with her fiance to move back to Ohio after deciding the Houston housing market is just too expensive paired with the fact neither one of them likes living there.

Also motivating Nicole is the fact she faces an eviction from her house in Texas.

Forced to move quickly, Nicole returns to Ohio but lives in fear that family and particularly her parents’ drug addiction will recreate the environment she sought to free herself from. She does not want her kids to follow in her footsteps and be exposed to drug users.

Watch tonight as these two women with unique issues are united in their focus and desire to reclaim their lives.

My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now airs Wednesday at 8/7c on TLC.

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