Angel Parrish from My 600-lb Life update: See her now after unbelievable transformation

Angel Parrish on My 600-lb Life
Angel Parrish was a prisoner trapped in her own body. Pic credit: TLC

When Angel Parrish was introduced on Season 3 of My 600-lb Life, she was miserable, weighing in at 570 pounds.

Living in Kerrville, Texas, 42-year old Angel relied on the help of her boyfriend Donnie because she had become too big to take care of herself.

Angel revealed in her episode of the show that she had become pregnant at age 14 but was given an ultimatum by her own mother to either leave home and keep her baby or stay living at home and give her child up for adoption. Angel chose to give her baby up but that decision weighed on her, literally.

As a coping mechanism, Angel turned to food for comfort and quickly started gaining weight. At just 20 years old and weighing 300 pounds, Angel gave birth again. This time, she had a little boy and named him Andrew.

She continued gaining weight slowly and by the time Angel met her boyfriend Donnie, she already weighed 400 pounds. After she gave birth to their son, she continued to gain nearly another 200 pounds before reaching out for help.

Angel was saddled with the guild of her adoption, the death of her father and crushing postpartum depression. As her weight continued to spiral out of control, she felt more and more helpless about her own situation.

“I feel like I am helpless every day,” Angel said in the My 600-lb Life preview. “I see myself as an oversized whale.”

A turning point for Angel

The good news is that Angel was ready and her success story is one of the best that we’ve seen come out of the My 600-lb Life franchise. That said, Angel’s weight loss journey was not easy and she had to overcome many obstacles to get where she is today.

Angel underwent a gastric bypass and dropped 165 pounds before she hit a huge snag. After being stricken with severe nausea, Donnie took Angel to the hospital where they thought she was suffering from malnutrition.

Before contacting Dr. Nowzaradan, surgeons caring for Angel decided that she needed a feeding tube placed so that she could get the nutrition that she was lacking, which is what they believed was causing the nausea and other symptoms.

Dr. Now wasn’t happy with the feeding tube and worried that it could set Angel back, undoing much of the progress she already made. Considering the grave condition she was in when they first met, Dr. Now’s concerns were valid but Angel wasn’t done losing weight.

Angel gives My 600-lb Life fans an update

From time to time, My 600-lb Life will update viewers on progress made by those featured on the show. When it was Angel’s turn to share her success, she had plenty to celebrate.

Down to just 230 pounds, Angel was able to take care of herself again, no longer relying on her boyfriend Donnie to help bath her and prepare her meals. She had lost 340 pounds and was literally half the woman that she once was.

However, Angel wasn’t done yet and continues to maintain a much healthier lifestyle than she was living prior to seeking Dr. Now’s help.

In May 2018, Angel updated her fans again, showing even more weight loss success. She didn’t share her current weight but it’s a safe bet that she weighs much less than the 230 pounds she was at near the end of 2016,

On Facebook, Angel posted a full body photo of herself standing on her porch where she looks slim and trim. She literally looks like a different person and you’d never even know by looking at her that when the world first met her on My 600-lb Life, she was more than twice the size she is now.

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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