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My 600-lb Life update: The Assanti brothers are back with more jaw-dropping brotherly drama

Steven and Justin call each other to reconnect and plan Justin's Houston trip. Pic credit: TLC
Steven and Justin call each other to reconnect and plan Justin’s Houston trip. Pic credit: TLC

Tonight, the Assanti brothers of Rhode Island are back, and this time it’s Justin’s turn for surgery.

Check in on the weight-loss progress for one of TLC’s best subjects (or worst if you hated them) the Assanti brothers.

Fans across America are having Assanti watching pizza parties. Fans also know that Steven has a borderline personality … bordering on what is up to you to decide.

As we learned in the first episode that featured them, Steven was eating Vicodin like Tic Tacs and grabbing scripts from every emergency room in H-town.

“I’m NOT gonna be STUCK here!” he screams at Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. The good doctor is fuming and tells him the jig is up and its time to go home. This is the angriest we have ever seen Dr. Now to be honest.

Watch a classic scene from “Where Are They Now” as Dr. Now absolutely loses his mind at Steven’s usury manipulative ways and how he milks “the system” for freebie welfare benefits while scamming opioids.

Steven is a piece of work in this video. It’s knife-and-fork delicious:

Then in 2018, a video surfaced of Steven falling off of a golf cart and his father said he likely faked the injury.

Cut to 2019 and TONIGHT as Steven is back and we see a slimmer face on Skype as he is talking to brother Justin.

Houston is where Justin is heading and Steve acts surprised. Locking in the call, Justin says: “Put a shirt on!”

And of course, Steven Assanti is up to his old ways. “They’re all dirty!”

He adds: “Do you want me to be there?”

Justin is unsure. “I don’t know yet”

Pledging his fraternal support, Steven says: “If you want me to be there I will be there”

Justin rightfully dreads the infamous Texas hot humid heat. Intense humidity makes an overweight person feel like they gained 100 pounds.

After Steven signs off, Justin reflects on his own journey.

He is showing some resolve and says: “There are a lot of things I am not looking forward to right now. There’s a part of me that just wants to forget about going down. And I’m happy that Steven’s going to be around because I know that nobody is going to try to annoy me.”

“But I know I need Dr. Now’s help and I want to get my life back on track… I am ready and hoping to get this over with as soon as possible,” he says. “Because I want to be done and move back up here to Rhode Island and get as far away from Steven again as possible, so I can get back to the life I want. I know its gonna take a lot of hard work to lose the weight like that but I am ready for it.”

Their 600-lb Life backstory

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, their lives were hellish.

Steven and Justin Assanti had tough times growing up in New England. Their dad revealed that he separated from their mother due to her drinking problem when Steven was 11 and Justin was 5.

Back in 2017, when they first appeared, Steven said: “My childhood wasn’t good, to say the least. My mom was an alcoholic and my parents’ relationship was pretty rocky. So me and my brother Justin put up with a lot of abuse because of that. It was arguments all the time and fighting.”

Discussing life after they separated, Justin said: “Our mother always took off at night. She used to go clubbing, drinking and she used to leave food out for us because she was never there. Steven was very greedy and anytime there was food around — before I could eat it — he already gobbled it down.”

Steven and Justin claimed they were beaten by their mother’s various boyfriends. “She was too busy getting drunk,” said Justin.

Steven added: “Food was my comfort through good and bad situations. But, it didn’t help with some of the s*** that was going on. I mean, I was really upset, because my mom’s boyfriend was very violent.”

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now airs on Wednesday night at 8/7c.

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