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My 600-lb Life update: Lee, Rena and Sarah, Where Are They Now? Stunning results so far

Rena and Lee here before the loss and happy as can be. Pic credit: TLC
Rena and Lee here before the loss and happy as can be. Pic credit: TLC

On the next My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, we revisit three former 600-lb subjects from past episodes.

Lee, Rena, and Sarah enter the second year of their weight loss journeys.

Lee and Rena

Back in season 6, episode 1, we met Lee and Rena. After meeting and falling in love at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena worked on their health and anger issues while taking a leap and attempting to save their relationship — and their lives.

Lee and Rena continue to lose weight and post amazing weight loss pictures of themselves while exploring new ways to improve themselves and their relationship, which appears solid as a romantic couple.

But there’s always a curve ball in life. Lee’s father was diagnosed with cancer and they returned to Missouri to help care for him. Being a caregiver is stressful, and Rena agreed to put her skin removal surgery on-hold to be there for Lee and his family.

Then reality set in. There’s no easy end, and she is anxious to return to her life and proceed with Dr. Now’s skin surgery option.

The afters reveal a couple half their original sizes. Pic credit: TLC
The after’s reveal a couple half their original sizes. Pic credit: TLC

According to TLC, what should have been a “happy reunion” with Lee’s family becomes intense and emotional as Lee’s dad’s health heads south and the pressure is on Lee to care for him.

What is common with aging parents is that it turns into a life changer for the adult child, and what was intended to be a short visit turns into an indefinite stay. Lee decides he can’t leave his dad’s home until his dad gets better — which he may or may not.

Not liking this new reality, Rena’s desire to head back to Houston triggers Lee’s well-documented anger. Lee will see if his anger issues blow up their relationship or if he will compromise, offering Rena an out for her surgery.

But, who will care for her? Skin surgery requires intense skilled nursing and caregivers after the fact.


The other 500-lb alum is Sarah. She is post-surgery and in the second year of her weight loss. Issues with her mother have not abated, and she is still struggling to get along with her in Houston.

She is quite active on her social media and looks amazing in the photos she posts.

She packed up mom and sent her back to Ohio so she can live on her own in Houston. This was what was needed as Sarah’s weight loss really began to fly and so did her social life.

Until a horrible set of events and Some life-altering news emerged.

It was reported and then confirmed that Sarah had a miscarriage. She posted the news on her Facebook page (since deleted, transcribed by Starcasm):

A few days ago, I signed myself into a [mental] health facility to get help with my depression and anxiety. Well the second night there i woke up to horrible pains….Ive been hinting around to you all that i was pregnant.. I was a little over 4 mnths, but i lost the baby. Im hurting in a way i never knew a person could hurt. Im hurting deep in my soul. How could god let this happen…i dont know..on top of this the cameras are rolling. Im exhausted. Im just done. For a split second i had a purpose. My purpose is gone.

Hopefully, Sarah got the help she needed and is back on track. Her socials indicate a healthy and happy state of mind.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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