My 600-lb Life: The Perrio family are show’s biggest challenge yet

Last night’s My 600-lb Life introduced us to three siblings in the Perrio family, Brandie Perrio, Roshanda Perrio and Clarence Perrio, who each told heartbreaking stories of their childhood.

The siblings weigh over 2,000 pounds between them, and their morbid obesity is threatening their very lives.

It all began when their father decided he no longer wanted to be with their mother and forced her out of the house. The children explain in our clip how they felt allegiance to their mother and went with her, leaving their dad altogether.

The three siblings stuck together and had each other’s backs, and used food as a comfort to ease the pain of their father’s rejection.

Perrio Family
Brandie, Clarence and Roshanda Perrio explain how they got to where they are

Brandie explains in the opening: “Everything changed first because my dad kicked my mom and all of us out. Things got worse between my mom and dad. [Then] my daddy was going through some things… I wouldn’t say he put us out the house [but] he put my mom out [of] the house and we decided to go with her. I mean, she’s my mama.”

Fans are especially interested in the progress and the story of the Perrio family, as it is rare to see all the siblings facing such daunting odds and to be as large as these three are.

Last night aired the first episode of the two-part series focusing on Clarence, Roshanda, and Brandie Perrio’s difficult path to wellness.

Clarence weighs 582-lb and Brandie 620-lb, while at 803-lb Roshanda is the heaviest. Because of their life-threatening health issues at such young ages, they need the help and the intervention offered by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and his team down in Houston, Texas.

But it will take more than gastric bypass surgery and liquid diets to permanently help these three Perrio siblings. They need a complete commitment to address the reasons why they overeat, the choices that they make in what they eat and psychological support to maintain their new outlook on food if they truly want to regain their health.

Brandie Perrio
At near 700-lb, Brandie is the first sibling to undergo the surgery

The episode has created an enormous buzz on Reddit and other social media, as we see that Brandie is the first sibling to undergo the weight loss surgery. What we learned in the first part of this two-part special was that their mother died in surgery, which is making Clarence think twice for himself.

He also is concerned that there will be no one to care for him as he has been his sisters’ carer over the years. Roshanda has a setback during the episode and gains over 70-lb when she is supposed to be losing weight, which is quite frustrating to Dr. Nowzaradan and his team of medical weight-loss experts.

TLC is not revealing what the final or ongoing outcome is for the Perrio family, but we can hope that the surgery and the counseling they need as a group will slim them all down.

The three-hour episode that aired last night is just the first of two special events that focus on the Perrio siblings, and we cannot wait until next week to see what progress is made for them or if they slide back into their old eating habits leading them to a guaranteed early death. Hopefully they rally and get with Dr. Nowzaradan’s plan!

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