My 600-lb Life Season 7 release date confirmed: Watch the trailer as show returns with new shocking stories

My 600-lb Life Season 7 still
My 600-lb Life Season 7 still

A new year means a new you, and for TLC’s brutally raw series My 600-lb Life, the gains and losses of those who are featured are staggering and profoundly moving.

Life gets really difficult when you cannot function normally due to your size, and the crushing weight carried acts like a cascading set of dominoes that make a person’s joints, organs, and skin deteriorate.

Those afflicted with morbid obesity appear to be decades older than their actual years. As My 600-lb Life has proved time and time again, it can be a living hell and takes a Herculean effort to break free from it.

Food addictions and abuse go hand in hand. Pic credit: TLC
600-lb Life Season 7 will follow 20 new never-seen-before cases. Pic credit: TLC

My 600-lb Life: What is it about?

The emotional series is an amalgam of stories told from all sorts of different points of view and by people from all across the USA, touching on everything from the rock-bottom of a person’s life to a light at the end of the tunnel in Houston, Texas.

This is where Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (affectionately referred to as Dr. Now) works. He is a general and vascular surgeon who will counsel and assess patients in need of bariatric surgery before tending to them.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan doesn't coddle his patients, if they cheat he calls them out. Pic credit: TLC
Dr. Younan Nowzaradan doesn’t coddle his patients, so if they cheat he calls them out. Pic credit: TLC

Dr. Now is a tough customer and is no hand-holder when it comes to backsliding and cheating on diets.

As the series returns to TLC for its seventh season, it again follows real people who are struggling to escape the prison of adipose tissue run amuck.

Often times it is childhood sexual or physical abuse or both that is the root of patients’ extreme weight gain coupled with some medical issues as well.

The show also examines the hidden lives of these patients and looks first hand at their difficulties with food addiction, and how many are often dependent on elderly parents or young children — with the inevitable impact their conditions have on their closest relationships.

Each episode will give viewers an inside look at the most extreme emotional and physical journeys the patients go through as they attempt to get life-saving surgery with Dr. Nowzaradan. The show also follows their often incredible progress thereafter, living the lives they had hoped for.

What will we see on My 600-lb Life season seven?

Most patients end up bedridden and unable to walk or clean themselves. Pic credit: TLC
Most patients end up bedridden and unable to walk or clean themselves. Pic credit: TLC

This season will follow an unreal 20 new journeys including a transgender woman who wants to live a life of glamor yet the reality is she cannot accomplish everyday basics that we all take for granted.

Viewers will also get to meet a couple who met online and will fight the fat war together, supporting each other in their bid for healthier happier lives.

There’s a shocking abusive mother and daughter segment where the obese mother takes her rageful curse-filled food demands out on her carer daughter, who is trapped in this toxic household.

A man who literally cannot stop eating everything and anything that is wrong for him is also in the spotlight.

Plus a woman living in squalor and her lack of proper hygiene coupled with 11 dogs  has compromised her health to levels that require medical intervention. These are a few of the stories you can look forward to.

Season 7 quotes: Words say it all

“I had high hopes for my life, plans and dreams, but slowly my addictions are killing me.”

“I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

“I am scared my father is going thave to watch his ony child die.”

“My life is bleak, I need to make a change.”

“Food is always going to be demon in my life.”

“If I don’t do what she wants, my life is a war zone.”

“I can’t walk I can’t do anything.”

“I have not walked since last year.”

“Please someone help me.”

“I am in so much pain, it hurts so bad.”

“This is it, it’s either now or never.”

My 600-lb Life Season 7 premieres Wednesday, January 2 at 8/7c followed by the second season of Family by the Ton immediately after at 10/9c. An early premiere of both shows will be available on TLC GO beginning Friday, December 21.

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