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My 600-lb Life recap: Update as Angela Johns was told to go to rehab and she said No No No

Angela Johns was angry, defensive and in denial plus addicted. Pic credit: TLC
Angela Johns was angry, defensive and in denial plus addicted on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

Wow. What to say about tonight’s journey to nowhere with Angela Johns, the in and out of prison grandma who DESERVED the weight loss surgery and WAS DISRESPECTED by Dr. Nowzaradan.

How dare he tell her to lose weight, and what was the point of her huge sacrifice to up and move to THAT DUMP in Houston?

Welcome to the recap of My 600-lb Life with Ms. Angela Johns — aka the “second Angela” of this woeful season of no weight loss — who was what the old folks call “a piece of work.”

Mercedes from last week looks like a saint compared to this harridan (I’m bringing that word back y’all) from Ohio. She bullied and manipulated her daughter Desiree into fits of tears in a bizarre codependent slash dysfunctional maternal mosh of nightmarish demands.

And then Dr. Now had the audacity to tell her to go to rehab. She said no, no no.

Angela J went back to Ohio where she quickly learned the errors of her ways and promptly erected a Go Fund Me page with her common thread sob story [read ‘I was ignored, abusive addicted parents, sexually abused’].

She did this to find a way to return to Houston with her on-again-off-again hubby Justin Micheal — who eats as much as she does yet is anorexically thin — to show Dr. Now… we aren’t sure what.

Maybe that she isn’t as combative and defensive and manipulative as she was at the beginning of this mess?

Angela Johns may be the most vexing patient Dr. Now has ever had, and that’s saying something in a season colored by Angela G., Mercedes, and poor Kelly.

The hooray and “atta boys” go to Brandon and Cillas, each who took the challenge and the advice seriously and showed they were ready for a change.

Hopefully next week we will get a win of some sort.

Since TLC did not send any assets or videos out for this Angela J, it looks like she is on her own and likely not part of the ‘Where are they now” follow-ups that TLC does with the subjects who have had the surgery and continue to lose weight in a bid to get the skin removal surgery.

So, in closing, to quote Angela, “get your spaghetti arms outta here and go get me a Big Gulp.”

Poor Justin.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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