My 600-lb Life: Obese Michael on brink of breakdown after uprooting family to get surgery

Michael on My 600-lb Life
Michael is deeply depressed as he takes his family to Houston with his weight totally out of control

On tonight’s My 600-lb Life on TLC, we meet a family in utter turmoil, headed by grossly obese Michael Dominguez, a 32-year-old husband and father from Arizona.

Michael left behind a lovely four-bedroom home with a pool to move his family into what appears to be a filthy ramshackle residence in Houston, Texas, so he can try to get life-saving weight loss surgery.

But Michael does not realize the home he rented is in such bad shape. It makes his wife Roni break down emotionally as she takes their two children, D.J. and Briana, back to their SUV vehicle immediately.

Michael weighs 632-lb and this weight has made him fully dependent on his family.

Despite being just 32, he must use a wheelchair or scooter as his knees have failed him from the pressure. He cannot hold himself for even a short amount of time.

Michael’s wife Roni turns tail and practically runs from the house in Houston

The spiral of weight gain began when Michael was a little boy, his father sentenced to jail when he was just 10 years old.

Food became his only hope and comfort. Michael met his wife Roni at age 25 when he weighed almost 500-lb.

But the two of them loved to eat, and Roni never dissuaded Michael to choose better selections of food to tuck into.

As a result, Roni became his biggest enabler as the two of them both ballooned in weight.

A serious food addict, Michael has to retrain his brain and his body to change his current path to an early death.

But will these changes keep him connected with his wife without the food that they enjoyed together?

Roni is in need of an intervention too. Will these two parents learn to take better care of themselves?

In the clip below, we see the reaction of Roni as she flees the house that Michael has rented.

Wailing, cursing and wiping tears, she says: “This house is a piece of s***! It’s disgusting, it’s really frustrating. We left our nice four-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a pool to come to this?”

On her heels (as best he can), Michael agrees and is also crying. He says: “Right when I stepped in, I could hear it little by little, cracking, it’s not safe for me to be in there.”

While the children look unhappy, Roni tries to put a proactive spin on it and says: “I’m gonna look for a little apartment and stay there.”

Realizing his plans to change his life have upended his family’s lives, Michael states the obvious, saying: “This isn’t going at all like I hoped.”

Roni puts a fine point on it, adding: “As of right now it’s a freaking nightmare”

We close with Michael lost in deep reflection, hoping that he can overcome this immediate obstacle.

He says: “I got my family into this mess so I have to fix it. I have to focus and see [weight-loss surgeon] Dr. Nowzaradan tomorrow, I have no idea what to expect or what he’s going to say.

“Hopefully, it’s not any bad news because I just can’t handle anymore.”

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC

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