My 600-lb Life lawsuit: Family of LB Bonner sues producers, alleges negligence preceding his 2018 suicide

My 600-Lb Life lawsuit: Family of LB Bonner sues producers, alleges negligence preceding his 2018 suicide
The family of LB Bonner are suing producers of My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

The family of former My 600-lb Life star James “LB” Bonner has filed a lawsuit against the producers of the reality show alleging “gross negligence.” Bonner took his own life in 2018.

The news comes from Starcasm, who shared details of the lawsuit and what the family claims the reality show did to lead to Bonner’s suicide.

My 600-Lb Life lawsuit

The My 600-lb Life lawsuit claims that LB Bonner had been in “noticeable distress for several months before his suicide.”

According to the legal docs, Bonner reached out to one of the production assistants from My 600-lb Life for help while he spiraled into depression. The text messages reportedly said he was “a f*cked up wreck right now,” “not in a good place,” and “I had a breakdown.”

The assistant allegedly told Bonner to “fake it till you make it.”

However, the lawsuit alleges a lot of problems from when Bonner was shooting the show as well.

It is claimed that he was forced to shave his beard and then made his move to Texas to take part in the reality series hard. They allegedly delayed his move and after he moved, they forced him to return back to South Carolina and move again so they could film his packing.

This was obviously difficult for the young man due to his size.

Then, after his appearance on My 600-lb Life, the family claims that the show refused to pay for everything they promised they would cover in his surgery, which left Bonner facing bill collectors up until his death.

They also reportedly denied him the therapy sessions he needed following his drastic weight loss, only delivering on one of the sessions.

“Due to the rapid weight loss and lack of sufficient after care, LB’s teeth became loose and some fell out, his vision became impaired, and he suffered from general malaise. All the while he continued to suffer psychologically and physically, the show continued to pressure.”

The family has sued Megalomedia for “monetary relief well in excess of $1,000,000.00.” They also said they want to call out reality shows that “boost ratings and increase profits—yet, those who are exploited and suffer never share in such profits.”

LB Bonner on My 600-Lb Life

LB Bonner appeared on the sixth season of My 600-lb Life in 2018 and quickly became a fan-favorite.

Bonner suffered tragedy while young, as most people who appear on the show do. He lost his beloved Aunt Dora, who he lived with, to cancer, tore his ACL, ending his football career, and then ended up in an accident that sent him on the spiral to weight gain.

He checked in to the show weighing 642 pounds and finished at 326 pounds.

James LB Bonner took his life at the age of 30.

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