My 600-lb Life Lashanta White shows Dr. Now she can do it: Update on her transformation today

Lashanta has called her pall Missy to commiserate over her breakup with JT. Pic credit: TLC
Lashanta White on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Lifetime

Success was highly doubtful from the beginning of My 600-lb Life for Lashanta White of Kenner, Louisiana.

The woman stashed fried chicken in her bosom and told so many lies throughout the course of the show that you had to feel for Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, who had it with her constant wheedling fall back behavior.

It seemed that was the one thing Lashanta White excelled at: Manipulation.

But the 9-month, 11th-hour save from Dr. Now was the pressure she needed to get on track and shed some weight.

But how Lashanta got there was navigating through one landmine after another of shirky, smirky enablers, and a mother who literally said: “No mother don’t like no big ol’ fat a** daughter,” right on camera.

Bertha just matched Dr. Now and then some in the tell it like it is game. Pic credit: TLC
Bertha just matched Dr. Now and then some in the tell it like it is game. Pic credit: TLC

Yes, Bertha, there’s a reality TV show coming for you mama.

Okay. Lashanta was damaged when her father left home after her mother Bertha found out he was a rolling stone making it with other women.

Understandable. But Lashanta went south really fast and without saying as much, did things she was ashamed of (yet assured us she was not a prostitute). However, given the evidence she presented, it looked as though Lashanta did a little BBW modeling.

Cut to four kids and three baby daddies later, Lashanta was near 700 pounds. Not good. Eldest son Tyrone is in prison and she called him at the end of the show to tell him to forgive her.

Not ask. Told him, “You have to forgive me.”

Where is Lashanta today?

Today Lashanta is posting pictures of herself in full makeup and looking better than she has in a long time.

Lashanta appears to be smaller. Pic credit: Lashanta White/Facebook
Lashanta appears to be smaller. Pic credit: Lashanta White/Facebook

Her Facebook page claims she lives back in New Orleans, Louisiana and it is filled with close up headshots.  We see that she looks and appears to be in better spirits than when the show ended.

She posts things that interests her — like long long nails, lots of healthy recipes and pictures of her with sparkly effects.

However, it was deadly serious from the get-go, as White was nearly 700 pounds at the start of tonight’s My 600-LB Life.

She was bedridden for two years, urinating and defecating into buckets as her boyfriend and sons had to clean her and remove her waste.

Her sons were her carers after JT (Jerome) left, freaking out that his BBW woman was going to skinny away on him. Twitter had a lot of ideas about JT.

Here’s one we can print:

It took a squadron of paramedics to get her out of her Louisiana home to get to Houston — and who is paying all these hospital and transport bills? TLC? The production company? Taxpayers?

I want Dr. Lola to explain to me why they both sound like Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop had a baby.

So we will see if Lashanta will stop ordering pizzas, “cause she needs grease,” and sticks with Dr. Now’s plan or falls off the wagon.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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