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My 600-lb Life exclusive video: Tiffany experiences discrimination while grocery shopping

Tiffany loves eating and grocery shopping more than anything. Pic credit: TLC
On My 600-lb Life, Tiffany loves eating and grocery shopping more than anything. Pic credit: TLC

In our exclusive clip for tomorrow’s episode of My 600-lb Life on TLC, we meet Tiffany Barker who is confronted by a rude woman who yells at her because she wasn’t walking fast enough to get out of her way.

Tiffany and her boyfriend Aaron were shopping at the grocery store and the woman honked at her several times in the parking lot while she was walking back to her car. This very rude woman made a point of getting out of her car to tell Tiffany she was the rude one for being “in her way.”

Tiffany apologized and told her she is handicapped, to which the woman replied that it did not matter.

Despite moving to Houston with her man, Aaron Coronado and her cousin Jasmine, Tiffany found it difficult to break the cycle of depression eating.

When her two roommates don’t join her diet and left the house every day for work, it spurred her overeating and upended the work she had done to qualify for the weight loss surgery.

Childhood trauma

It all began when was Tiffany was nine and her mother started working full time to support the family. Her heavily overweight father abdicated any adult responsibility of cooking for the whole family and piled it on Tiffany.

Tiffany, in essence, became an adult well before her time.

Tiffany in later years

Tiffany had big dreams and a goal for her life. As an adult, she went to culinary school with hopes and dreams of running her own restaurant. However, her love of eating the food began to get in the way of her career preparing it.

It was her size that ended this promising career.  Once she completed school, a banquet job was her dream come true — until it ended. She began to get too big to get around the kitchen and was fired.

Fallout and weight gain

Following this heart breaker and reversal of fortune, Tiffany entered a deep depression and withdrew from the world, eating herself up towards 600 lbs.

She feared she was completely unemployable, and then Tiffany found a form of acceptance. She started working as an internet model, and that’s when she became involved with Aaron.

Aaron’s influence

Aaron loves Tiffany for the good and the bad and has stuck with her. Now that she’s met someone who loves her for who she is, Tiffany wants nothing more than to have children after marriage with Aaron. The problem is that, as her weight has continued to go up her chances of a healthy pregnancy went down,

And it is a tenuous relationship despite all his reassurances, as we find out that Aaron has begun to question whether or not he is truly committed to Tiffany especially if she does accomplish losing the weight.

That will be an interesting one to see as she progresses with her weight loss.

The official TLC logline:

Tiffany moves to Houston with Aaron and her cousin Jasmine as support, but when they get jobs and don’t join her diet, Tiffany winds up feeling lonely even when they’re around. Tiffany is not alone in Houston, but she alone can break the cycle of depressed eating, or else she will end up more alone than she ever imagined.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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