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My 600-lb Life exclusive sees transgender Destinee fight to transform her body

Changes are in store for Destinee, whose weight is threatening her life. Pic credit: TLC
Changes are in store for Destinee, whose weight is threatening her life. Pic credit: TLC

Imagine you are dealing with feeling trapped inside a body that you were born with… but never felt at home in?

A double whammy of transgender issues and obesity is what is in store for Destinee Lashaee, from Louisiana and who will head to see Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston, Texas for a chance to live her life on her terms.

But before we talk about that journey, it was Destinee’s other challenge that we learned about.

Born as Matthew, Destinee never felt like she fit in anywhere, her body did not match her mind. Now, having come out as a 600-pound transgender woman, she has embraced her accentuated curves. But the more feminine feeling flesh threatens to cut short a life not fully lived in her new persona.

Will Destinee fight for her life the way she stood up to claim her gender she was not physically given at birth? The crux for Destinee is food addiction, but why and what does Destinee do that sabotages her life?

Dr. Now will counsel her of course, but she will need to say goodbye to old bad habits if she wants to be approved to transition completely.

Destinee Lashaee is one of the first in the series featured who is a transgender woman. She has managed to salvage a relationship with her biological mother who is preparing a meal for her and her sister in our exclusive clip below.

Destinee has battled depression and feelings of inadequacy and has had issues with it in the past. She has taken the first steps towards living her authentic self by verbally admitting she needs to change.

As a kid, Destinee never had an easy time fitting in and felt like an outcast, using food to comfort herself as she hid from the world.

As time went on, her weight skyrocketed while she was fighting feelings of happiness with her feminine curves. However, she finally realized that her weight has her trap and she was headed for an early death.

Destinee is a creature of two worlds: the one she fantasized about with her current size making her curvy with a feeling of femininity, and the second being the real world, where her brain tells her she is heading for an early death.

She is confused, sad, depressed and overeating.

The episode shows how she faces these demons and prepares for her journey to see Dr. Now down in Houston. We know there will be some push back and drama as the weight is only part of this equation.

Dr. Now tells her that she won’t be safe to pursue sex reassignment surgery until she gets her weight under control. Destinee must start by transforming her relationship with food and learning to view food as fuel and not comfort.

It is easier said than done, and the unraveling of a lifetime of reinforced habits of turning to food to calm feelings of not fitting in will be one of the hardest cases Dr. Now and his team has ever encountered on the series.

Make sure to tune in to see how Destinee progresses.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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