My 600-lb Life exclusive sees Maja angry at airport employees for lying to her

My 600-lb Life exclusive sees Maja angry at airport employees for lying to her
Maja is angry she has to walk long distances at the airport. Pic credit: TLC

In our preview of Wednesday’s My 600-lb Life on TLC, we meet Maja Radanovic who is featured in our exclusive clip accompanied by her boyfriend Christian.

The two are at the airport where they are trying to get to Houston to meet with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for weight loss surgery.

She is on edge because of the amount of walking she needs to do inside the airport. She expresses her anger over an airline employee who “lied” to her about the distance between gates. As the clip progresses we can see her frustrations and anger rise.

In our video, Maja complains of pain to her boyfriend Christian. She says: “Oh my hip, it hurts so bad. Let’s take a break…my legs hurt. They’re so swollen and my hip is out.”

As she walks with Christian and realizes the distance, her anxiety shoots up.

She says: “All of this activity is more than I’ve had in years, so it’s a lot for my body. I just need to get this over with and once I get to the hotel and have a bed I can finally lay down and rest.”

Once she can sit down in between gates,  she reflects on her arduous day.

“This is so much more walking than I even realized I wasn’t gonna have to do and how far everything is… is really frustrating because I called both the airports before I left and asked them about how far everything was and how much walking there was so and I’m upset right now because my legs hurt and the lady lied to me about how far it was because I would have made other plans if I knew how far it was. I understand that I’m a big person but it doesn’t give people the right to lie to me.”

During this episode, Maja heads to Houston, Texas to undertake the road to weight-loss surgery, with her boyfriend Christian accompanying her along the way.

But there is trouble in their relationship and we learn that Christian bails on Maja, leaving her alone in the new city as she undertakes the weight loss regimen and counseling on her own.

Will she discover that the only person she can truly count on is herself? Make sure to read our follow up on Maja’s progress as she fights for her life and discovers that she has the strength to persevere.

The official logline from TLC:

Maja Radanovic was born in the United States to Serbian parents who always judged her for her size, and as a result Maja always felt bad about herself and to this day goes to great lengths to present herself as put together and not struggling. Finally in her boyfriend Christian, she thinks she has found someone who accepts her as she is, someone who will finally be able to give her what she really wants, a family of her own.

But at over 600 lbs. Maja will have to lose a significant amount of weight before she can bear a child of her own. Growing up under harsh eyes has made Maja a harsh critic herself, and after putting up with her vituperations all the way from Oregon to Texas, or perhaps because he dislikes the muggy weather, Christian finally reaches his limit and decides to leave Maja behind and head back to the Pacific Northwest, in the face of Maja’s strenuous objections to the contrary.

The blow of Christian’s abrupt departure poses a significant challenge to Maja’s weight loss journey, and pits her face-to-face with her tendency to binge-eat as a mechanism of emotional escape. But Dr. Now assures her, if she can make it on her own, without Christian, there will be no greater affirmation of her strength.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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