My 600-lb Life exclusive preview: Brianne’s dad cast her out, but why?

Brianne today is close to 700 pounds. Pic credit: TLC

On tonight’s perplexing and sad edition of My 600-lb Life, we meet Brianne, whose stories of her youth and subsequent fallout with her own father are shocking.

According to her recollections, her father rejected her and favored her siblings. But why?

The clip opens with Brianne recalling the trajectory of her earliest years. She says: “When I was young, I really didn’t struggle with food.”

Her baby picture shows a beautiful happy child and all looks well, but it soon turned.

Brianne was a happy baby girl and adorable. Pic credit: TLC

She adds: “My earliest childhood… I was just a happy baby, happy
kid. Things were normal for the most part. But that changed as I got older.”

The sequence of her relationship with her father is told, but we are missing some pieces, as none of it adds up.

She says: “My dad was in the Air Force so he was gone a lot — so my earliest memories are mostly of me and my mom and it wasn’t until I was five that my dad started being around more.

“But that’s when my mom had my younger brother and then the next
year she had my sister and with two newborns in a year, I remember I felt
like my dad just didn’t have time for me.”

The new siblings seem to have worsened a bad situation.

She says: “As they got older it seemed like they had this connection that my dad and I didn’t have. So my dad and I really didn’t get along, and I always felt like he didn’t love me, and that he loved my brother and sister more than me.”

An event cemented her beliefs about her dad’s dislike towards her. She says: “When I was 13, me and my brother and sister all went for a bike ride and for some reason my dad was upset about it…so we all got
sent to our rooms and my brother and sister got a spanking.”

Verbal abuse followed. She says: “Then he came to my room and he was just like telling me like I’m an awful person like calling me a ‘fat b****’.”

She adds: “But you know that little bit… I remember feeling like he really hates me, and I was just heartbroken.”

Her own mother refused to interfere. She says: “When we fought it felt like it was my whole family against me, even with my mom, because she never stood up for me or helped.”

Brianne notes that it was around that time when she really started gaining weight. Why? “Because when no one else was there for me, food was,” she says.

When Brianne married husband Rick, she found a rock. Rick’s daughter Cat, was like a younger version of Brianne that she could care for and mentor.

Once an athlete, Brianne’s near 700 pounds is now affecting everyone including her step-daughter, who has begun to gain weight too. Meanwhile, her husband, who is older, has begun to suffer heart problems.

Bri hopes of hiking and living an active lifestyle in Oregon, but first she needs the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s weight-loss program.

She must go it alone as Rick is too ill and Cat has a job.

But there is a twist — Bri’s mother and father call the Houston area home, and he still refuses to talk to her. This will be an added stress to her weight-loss journey.

Will we unlock this mystery of why this father has shut daughter Brianne out? Tune in for Brianne’s personal story tonight.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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