My 600-lb Life exclusive: Paul can’t take it anymore and snaps at overeating Lindsey

Lindsey is trying to lose weight and her weakness in her dieting has Paul snapping
Lindsey is trying to lose weight and her weakness in her dieting has Paul snapping and ready to leave. Pic credit: TLC.

The weight-loss reality series My 600-Lb Life is back for Season 8 on TLC and the stakes have never been higher. People are more overweight than ever in the USA and even in some European countries, and the girth-gaining Americans are shortening their lifespans and losing quality of life and mobility.

In our featured exclusive clip from the premiere with Lindsey, who is 39 years old and hails from Iowa and who seemingly had it all: a home with a white picket fence, a devoted husband, and a great job.

Lindsey’s inability to stop eating is causing serious problems. Paul is of a normal weight but his wife is twice his size and he has clearly had it.

Her food addiction is threatening to ruin everything. And as she embarks on a weight loss journey to save her life, is her husband a support or is he an addict of a different stripe?

Healthcare costs are going up and people are finding out that being overweight is a money-sucking situation, with assorted meds, doctor bills and lost wages.

Enter TLC’s secret weapon and beloved medic Dr. Nowzaradan, the physician based in Houston who is the “no daddy” of diets. He is stern and cuts through the lies and excuses with one-liners that often become hilarious memes shared all over the Internet.

The clip below is a slice of a couple’s everyday life and opens with Paul, who is eating dinner with Lindsey.

In a voice-over, he shares his frustration and says, “Lindsey’s been struggling with a diet a little bit and when I try to help her she doesn’t like that, so we’re fighting a lot and I’m just trying to realize what needs to happen.”

“What do we eat, how and when, why and where. I have tried to say no Lindsey a few times but it doesn’t work out,” Paul continues. “That’s the hardest part.  I might get cut off. I might get ridiculed. I might get yelled at but I want Lindsey to be healthy. I’m just gonna say it… I have to start saying no. I am ready to start saying no because if I don’t start saying no now, then I’m going to have to say yes to the funeral director.”

Observing her eat a salad as she micromanages the dressing portion, Paul says to Lindsey, “What do you think, good?

Not showing much enthusiasm, Lindsey says, “I mean, it’s not a cheeseburger but yeah… it is really good.”

Lindsey explains her position further in another voice-over, saying, “This is so hard. If I’m gonna stick to the calorie limit I’m trying to stay at then that’s the last bit of food I can have today. So the only thing I can think of is just to go to bed and try and sleep off the hunger pains.”

“The sleep it off plan isn’t really working,” Lindsey continued. “My cravings won’t go away and the hunger pains are making it hard for me to fall asleep. But I’m thinking, if I can just get a small fix of something that tastes good that might be what I need for me to fall asleep and avoid giving it in a really big way.”

In bed, she yells for Paul, “Hey babe, do we have any snacks left?”

Paul is clearly exasperated. He says, “Yeah we do but like…do you really want to eat those snacks?”

Lindsey says” Well my back really hurts and…”

Growing impatient, Paul cuts her off. He says, “I’m sorry about that and I apologize their back hurts but if you start snacking now, honey, like…”

“Please go get it,” she snaps. “I just want some snack food. I promise that I will try harder the next day. Will you please just go get it?”

Cue the moment Paul has had enough. He comes back and throws bags of chips at her.

He says, “Hey how’s this? there you go eat your f***ing snacks ’cause this is what it is. You know, what this is right here? All these little things right here in his bag it’s considered death, Lindsey, and you’re killing yourself with his bulls*** and I’m not sticking around for it.”

The emotional fan-favorite series focuses on the personal stories of these damaged people who are struggling to escape the prison that is their own bodies.

This season on My 600-lb Life, we will see new journeys and first-hand footage of their hardships with addiction, dependence and the inevitable impact their condition has on their families and loved ones.

Each episode features Dr. Nowzaradan and charts the continued incredible progress thereafter as these folks are living the lives they had hoped for.

Check out this exclusive My 600-lb Life exclusive sneak peek and tune in and see if Lindsey and Paul make it as a couple.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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