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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Liz tells how child abuse led to morbid obesity

Liz on My 600-lb Life and as little girl
Liz as she looks today on TLC’s My 600-lb Life and, inset, as a little girl

Tonight on My 600-lb Life, Liz tells us the timeline of her harrowing youth — which began with happy memories but ended up with her as she is today, weighing over 600 pounds.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, Liz shares how she was born with one leg shorter than the other and endured multiple surgeries that left her with a limp, so she could never be as active as the other kids.

Despite this defect, she recalls happy moments spent doing normal things like going to the grocery store with her beloved father.

Then her world spun out of control at age six when a person close to her family began to molest her, and she internalized the fear. She tells us the weight of telling her father was too much, as she didn’t want his perception of her to include that secret.

Liz with mom Rita, before her world came crumbling down at the age of six

By age ten, her father was addicted to drugs and he abandoned the family. Her aunt tells how Liz would wait on her father, and when he never showed up she filled the void by eating to excess.

Eventually, her father and mother had a permanent break, but not after her father had stolen all of their valuable possessions. Liz and her mother were left with nothing.

Needless to say, Liz’s teenage years were disastrous with the weight piling on, and it took years for Liz to try to forge a relationship with her estranged father. Making matters worse, Liz quit school after her freshman year in high school.

But crippling lymphedema — a common side effect of morbid obesity — set in. Liz was left bed bound.

Even when her father died, Liz was too big to fit in a car and attend his funeral.

Now aged 35, Liz is enlisting the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston to help her shed the weight as she battles depression. Will he be able to help? We can only hope so as the alternative sees her mother and aunt having to place Liz in a nursing home before age 40.

Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s My 600-lb Life below:

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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