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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Constant care is Karina’s lifelong burden

Karina is featured tonight as we see history repeating itself in her family regarding her care

Tonight on My 600-lb Life, we meet Karina — trapped inside a 600+ pound body that is failing her.

A sickly child and the oldest of three children, Karina missed out on all the normal activities growing up due in large part due to bad asthma. She was in hospital frequently and needed to be constantly cared for, catered to and looked after due to her illness.

Karina’s care resulted in financial distress as money and costs skyrocketed causing her parents to be irreparably burdened. Her father served in the military and the burden fell on her Karina’s mum. The two were always working to pay Karina’s medical bills and to make ends meet.

Ezequiel, Maria
Karina’s parents love her and have borne the burden of her care since day one of her life

Although Karina’s health improved, in our exclusive clip Karina reveals how her parents’ absence started to take its toll. After having constant attention paid to her when she was younger, she began to feel ignored.

Eventually, as a result of overeating, Karina hit a critical weight over 600-lb as an adult.

She says: “I just really wanted attention, I wanted a hug. But they were too busy to give it, so food was my hug. And I got away with a lot of eating because nobody paid attention.”

Now she has once again becoming a hefty burden to her harried and overworked parents. To make matters worse, due to her constant need for care this has pitted Karina’s sister against her.

Is it too late for Karina to repair the damage done, and can weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan do anything to help her?

Watch Karina talk about her childhood and subsequent obesity in our exclusive My 600-lb Life clip below.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday at 8/7c on TLC.

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