My 600-lb Life exclusive: Cillas’ uncontrollable food addiction leads to humiliating EMT encounter

Cillas in a consult with Dr. Now. Pic credit: TLC
Cillas in a consult with Dr. Now. Pic credit: TLC

On the next episode of TLC’s My 600-lb Life, we meet Cillas of Fairview who is traveling through Denton, Texas to Houston in a bid to enter Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s weight loss program.

He is being driven by his fiancé Jessica and in our exclusive clip, it begins with what appears to be a medical emergency as his oxygen tank runs out of oxygen and is beeping in the vehicle.

He is clearly uncomfortable and over being in the back of the van, unable to find a place where he can either sit or lay without something sending jolts of pain through his body. Cillas is a food addict who has a potential family in the wings, three possible step-children and a woman who wants to marry him.

The big question is, will he face the music and man up once in the office with Dr. Now and accept his responsibility for becoming so large?  Or will he make excuses, lie and attempt to manipulate like some recent 600-lb Life subjects we have written about in the past few weeks?

That’s the hook of the show. These patients of Dr. Now will either die from the strain of the weight, adhere to the calorie-restrictive program, lie and do it their own way and be booted out of the program or tread water and also get the boot from Dr. Now, who insists all who come to his office follow his stringent set of rules to qualify for weight loss surgery.

Cillas’ food addiction is getting in the way of his ability to be there for his fiancée, Jessica, and her 3 daughters. If he doesn’t lose weight soon, he is fully aware of what is at stake and what he can lose from not buckling down and doing the work.

In the clip, a loud beeping is heard. Wearing a nose tube, he says, “Hey babe we really need to stop, my oxygen… it’s running out… it needs to be changed. Let’s just find a place to stop and we could change it there once I’m out of this car.”

In a voice-over, he explains where they are in the course of the show. “We’ve made it to Denton, Texas and I’m at my limit right now,” Cillas says. “My back is hurting me really bad, so I just need to get out.  But this isn’t gonna be simple for me.”

His demeanor looks to be just before the panic stage. He says, “Just..kind of anxious and nervous to see how this is gonna go…it’s gotta be better than the floor of this van. I got to get cleaned up so we can finish making the journey [to Houston].

He expresses regrets and fears about being out of his controlled environment. He says, “I was hoping to avoid having to go to some random hotel because I’ve been in my medical bed for the past two and a half years. So I don’t know if what they’re gonna have [bed] will hold me… or if it will even be what I need to sleep comfortably, where I can breathe. And on top of that, I’m not gonna be able to just get out and walk to the room.”

This is when he realizes he will not be able to exit the van on his own. He tells Jessica that they will have to call the EMT’s once more to get him out of the vehicle, and she seems less than thrilled.

She asks him one more time, “There’s no possible way to get to your wheelchair?

Sounding stressed, Cillas says, “No, there’s not. If there was, I would get up and get in it.”

Cillas when he realizes he cannot get up on his own in the van
Cillas when he realizes he cannot get up on his own in the van. Pic credit: TLC

The EMT’s show up and have no clue what’s happening. They ask, “What’s going on?”

“We drove in from Fairview and he’s gonna move into a room, [but] he can’t get up,” Jessica explains. “He’s okay…he’s got he’s too tired from traveling and not able to get out to get his wheelchair.. .”

The EMT’s ask him how much he weighs.

Cillas tells them, “600 pounds.”

The official logline from TLC:

There’s nothing more important to Cillas than his fiancé Jessica and their three daughters. But now that Cillas has gotten up over 600 lbs and become immobile, he’s spent the last two years of his life in his bed feeling like he’s failing his whole family. He hates that he can’t go places with the girls or participate in their lives outside the home. And more and more he worries that Jessica will leave him one day for something better. With Dr. Now’s help, can Cillas turn his life around and get out of this awful cycle of eating to cope that’s making his life worse?

Tune in to find out of Cillas is one of the success stories of a season marred by a tragic death and those who would not listen to Dr. Now.

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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