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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Brothers tell how childhood hell led to horrific obesity

Steven on My 600-lb Life
Steven recounts harrowing abuse thanks to his alcoholic mother who let boyfriends beat her sons

Watch our harrowing exclusive clip from this week’s My 600-lb Life, as the two obese brothers featured, Steven and Justin Assanti, narrate their story of a hellish childhood.

Steven says: “My childhood wasn’t good to say the least. My mom was an alcoholic and my parents’ relationship was pretty rocky.

“So me and my brother Justin put up with a lot of abuse because of that. It was arguments all the time and fighting.”

Steven says he always warred with his weight and it was made worse by his mum

Their dad reveals he separated from their mother due to her drinking problem when Steven was just 11 and Justin was 5.

Discussing life after they separated, Justin says: “Our mother always took off at night. She used to go clubbing, drinking and she used to leave food out for us because she was never there.

“Steven was very greedy and anytime there was food around, before I could eat it he already gobbled it down.”

Justin talks about Steven’s “greedy” nature and the abuse he suffered as a child

Steven and Justin both admit they were beaten by their mother’s assorted boyfriends. “She was too busy getting drunk,” says Justin.

Steven adds: “Food was my comfort through good and bad situations.

“But, it didn’t help with some of the s*** that was going on. I mean, I was really upset, because my mom’s boyfriend was very violent.”

Steven’s teen years got the brunt of his mother’s boyfriends’ violent outbursts

Watch the exclusive clip below as the brothers shed light on their tragic tale…

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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