My 600-lb Life exclusive: Bedridden Lashanta depressed over boyfriend

Lashanta has called her pall Missy to commiserate over her breakup with JT. Pic credit: TLC
Lashanta White on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Lifetime

On the next My 600-lb Life airing on TLC, we meet Lashanta, a bedridden mother of four children, trapped in her bed for two years now.

We see Lashanta is depressed, mourning the loss of her boyfriend’s affections, and how she uses her children as her carers, relying on them for various tasks and chores and also to keep her clean.

She wants a normal life — yearning to be up and out of her prison inside her home.

Lashanta’s life before Dr. Now

Lashanta has her kids cook for her as well as feed her fast food and take out. She needs them to be able to function and stay clean. She is bedridden, so her kids also have to deal with her hygiene and waste materials too.

It is a case of extreme food addiction that is keeping Lashanta in this no-win cycle of obesity and poor health. She also struggles to maintain some sort of social life that includes dating.

Her support network appears to be her friend Missy, who she calls for advice in our clip.

How she does this is incredibly difficult to an outside observer, and her goal is to maintain her relationships with all who take care of her and to maybe find someone who cares for her romantically.

But her food addiction is no joke and she will have to face the music if she can get from her home to Texas where weight loss medic Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is a tough customer.

His no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is sobering welcome may not be to her liking. She will either listen to him or like last week’s subject, decide to do things her way.

The boyfriend, JT

In our exclusive clip, LaShanta is eating away her sadness over her estranged boyfriend JT, who likes her so large she is literally incapacitated as a normal person.

Speaking with her friend Missy, Lashanta says that JT is angry she plans to lose weight and prefers her enormously overweight.

He sounds like the classic enabler Dr. Now has talked about during the series and has a sick fetish with controlling his girlfriend — now reduced to being an invalid with little chance of a long-term healthy life.

Her last chance to break the cycle of food addiction that’s killing her is to join Dr. Now’s program, but as TLC says, “it will take a village just to get her out the door.”

The official logline from TLC

Lashanta, it could be said, has had a rough go. A bed-bound mother of 4, now almost 40, Lashanta has lived a life plagued by a pattern of unhealthy relationships she is only now beginning to break out of. Now weighing more than 600 lbs. with bad lymphedema that makes it impossible for her to stand on two feet, Lashanta has her mother and her children to care for her, but unless she can find a way to get to Houston and become one of Dr. Now’s patients, food may end up being the only pleasure Lashanta ever knew.

Tune in on Wednesday to see how Lashanta fares when she gets to Texas and has her weigh in with Dr. Now.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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