My 600-lb Life brother made shocking video mocking taxpayers

Steven Assanti in footage from tonight's My 600-lb Life episode on TLC
Steven Assanti in footage from tonight’s My 600-lb Life episode on TLC

My 600-lb Life returns tonight with a remarkable follow-up to last week’s episode about the morbidly obese Assanti brothers — but the show is not the first time one of them, Steven, has been behind the camera.

Steven — who weighs nearly 800-lb — appeared on Dr. Phil in 2007, with the host describing him as “lazy, manipulative and fundamentally dishonest”.

The 33-year-old also posted a shocking video in 2012 laying into taxpayers and thanking them for paying for everything he needed, included pills to “keep him alive”.

WARNING: Contains extremely strong language

A scathing Daily Mail expose in 2015 showed how his father is continuously worked over and at his wit’s end thanks to his problem child.

After last week’s My 600-lb Life episode introduced us to Steven and his brother Justin, this week the follow up shows weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan struggling to deal with him as a patient.

Pizza is Steven’s first love, and he still gorges on it daily — as seen here on My 600-lb Life

As well as being addicted to food, he has been abusing the hospital system in Houston, TX, to get hold of opioid pills.

Dr. Nowzaradan is put through the ringer with Steven, one of his most difficult patients

Not having it, Dr. Nowzaradan puts the ultimatum on Steven — who of course flouts his pizza-ordering and drug-taking ban.

Steven is cunning, acting like he is going along then doing what he wants

Meanwhile, back in Rhode Island, Steven’s brother Justin — who weighs almost 600-lb — has enlisted his father to open his hobby store.

The move sees him strike up some new friendships, including a new mother figure.

Justin is at least trying to open a hobby business with his dad’s help

But Justin’s diet also starts to go to pot because he is focusing on starting his new career.

What will happen to the Assanti brothers?  And how do you feel about Steven’s still public video mocking taxpayers?

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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