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My 600-lb Life Alicia weighed more than average man when just 10 years old

Alicia on My 600-lb Life and as a child
Alicia talks about her past on My 600-lb Life and, inset, as a child around the age of 10

The scars of a traumatic and emotionally unhealthy childhood are uncovered tonight on My 600-lb Life.

This week’s subject, Alicia, is the focus of a look backward which reveals a troubled past as she struggled to deal with her parents’ fractious relationship.

By the time she was seven, she already weighed 160-lb. At age 10 she weighed around 200-lb, more than the average adult American male.

Today, aged 32, she clocks in at 622-lb. But how she got there is an examination of a difficult past which created a pattern of overeating. She is now nearly confined as a prisoner inside her own body.

Our exclusive clip from this week’s My 600-lb Life below examines how Alicia spent her childhood overlooked by her unemployed and alcoholic father before being fat-shamed by her overworked and embittered mother.

Alicia says: “If it weren’t for my grandma Faye, I wouldn’t have had anyone.” But Grandma Faye unwittingly sealed Alicia’s fate into obesity, after using sugary treats to distract her from the chaotic home life she was subjected to.

Now, her ravenous appetite has Alicia nearly immobilized and, if it continues, she surely will be facing a death sentence.

Alicia a young girl, before she started to gain weight at a rapid rate

Today, Alicia’s loving boyfriend Tim has created a positive environment for her to do something drastic to reduce her size.

He loves her and wants her to live and has never judged her for her size. He refuses to sit and watch Alicia eat her way into an early grave.

Alicia wants a healthy loving life and to see her beloved nieces grow up. On tonight’s My 600-lb Life she resolves to get well by seeking the help of weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

What the future holds for her remains to be seen…

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.