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My 600-lb Life Aaron makes his 76-year-old dad shop for him, exclusive preview

Aaron waits while his father shops for him. Pic credit: TLC
Aaron waits while his father shops for him on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

Imagine you are so big you cannot even grocery shop? That’s the scenario in our exclusive clip for My 600-lb Life for TLC as Aaron makes his elderly dad shop for him, and at 76 years old, he isn’t sure how much longer he has to do this for him.

Aaron expresses guilt and shame about this, but then he says the reward of all the calorific foods and treats makes him forget and he just doesn’t care about his father’s well being.

Since the death of his mother, Aaron has been confined to his home to care for his aging father. But the tables have turned as his dad, a war veteran — and at age 76 — is caring for him.

It is the grip of food addiction that has Aaron enslaved, and despite being in excruciating pain constantly and feeling bad about his life, he continues to do the wrong things and eat everything in sight.

His life has to change.

This is wrong, Aaron;s dad is 76 and is barely able to get around himself. Pic credit: TLC
This is wrong, Aaron’s dad is 76 and is barely able to get around himself. Pic credit: TLC

But due to his food addiction, Aaron is enabled by his loving father who is also still grieving the loss of his wife, and Aaron is his son and he refuses to let Aaron do without.

The only answer is to get Aaron to nearby Houston to enroll in Dr. Nowzaradan’s clinic for the morbidly obese.

He needs this help desperately and has to unlearn his eating behaviors and start moving and exercising, or he faces an early death. It’s not something he or his father want to think about, let alone happen suddenly.

Aaron must learn to care for himself to avoid eating himself to death.

The official logline from TLC:

“Born and raised not far from Houston in Texas, Aaron has barely ventured outside his hometown. And as Aaron grows bigger from weight gain, his world grows smaller and smaller. Whatever thoughts he may have had of moving out from under his mother and father’s roof went away when his mother passed away, because now his father is elderly and ailing and requires Aaron’s care taking. But at 500 lbs. Aaron stopped leaving the house and kept gaining. And now that Aaron is up over 600 lbs. he has to have his older sister come over to do the laundry because Aaron can no longer fit in the laundry room. For Aaron, the journey to Dr. Now’s clinic is not a far one, but it holds huge significance, because it could mean the difference between ever having a life of his own, and the opposite: eating himself to death without ever seeing what lies beyond his own doorstep.

But to get to that happy ending, Aaron’s weight now must be dealt with as his dad can only last so long acting as his carer.

Therapy and intervention with Dr. Nowzaradan will be his only hope to begin anew.

Tune in to TLC to see if Dr. Now can help Aaron get a grip on his eating habits so he can salvage his relationship with his father who deserves a break.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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