Mountain Men returns for Season 7: Watch the new trailer for 2018

Stills from the Mountain Men Season 7 trailer
Living in the wild is no easy feat, as footage from the Mountain Men Season 7 trailer shows

Mountain Men is back for Season 7, History has confirmed — and here’s the new season trailer.

The hit show, which tragically saw the passing of fan favorite Preston Roberts last year, will premiere on July 19 at 9/8c on History.

No details have yet been released by History of what takes place in the new season, but we’ll add them as soon as we have them.

However, footage in the trailer shows everything from predators to forest fires, as the Mountain Men battle to endure the North American wilderness.

From wolves, bears and cougars to freezing winters, those who choose to live their lives in the wild have to be constantly aware of potential dangers that could mean nature triumphing over their will to survive.

The return of the show is tinged with sadness following woodsman Preston Roberts’ death in July 17. He made his final ever appearance alongside longtime friend Eustace Conway on the Season 6 finale last September.

A fundraising page set up in his honor raised more than $110,000 to help his family.

Watch the Mountain Men Season 7 trailer below!

Mountain Men Season 7 premieres on July 19 at 9/8c on History.

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