Mountain Men gets elemental as winter turns to spring

Mountain Men
Tom has to haul the canoe in Mountain Men as the elements play up

Tonight on Mountain Men the elements take their toll as winter begins to give way to spring.

Morgan is concerned about waking bears, Jason gets his forge up and running and Tom finds the rivers running low.

The period between seasons can often be tricky as the elements change the landscape rapidly. This can lead to problems where transport that is ideal for winter or summer comes unstuck in-between.

Tom is forced to drag his canoe as water levels in the river drop and Marty also has trouble with the elements whilst he is out trapping.

Marty has trouble with his snowmobile
Marty has trouble with his snowmobile as the snow coverage dwindles

Forest fires have swept through and melted a lot of the snow. This can lead to your snowmobile burning out if you run it too long over ground with patchy coverage.

Also check out this bonus scene featuring Marty at home as he prepares to leave to go trapping.

He says: “It’s really great to take a little break from trapping and spend some time with my girls.”

Marty flys out in his plane to go trapping
Marty flys out in his plane to go trapping. He hates leaving the family but needs must

But the nature of trapping means he has to go when the weather window is there.

A tough life but he seems to thrive on it.

Watch Mountain Men tonight 9/8c PM on History.

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